Accreditation COVID-19 Reschedule FAQs

Q. If we have already had our pre-visit, do we need to do another one or resubmit our responses?
A. You do not need to have another pre-visit if you already completed the pre-visit. You do not need to resubmit your responses to the indicators unless your answers have substantially changed in such a way that they affect school operations.

Q. If we have already had our pre-visit, do we need to submit any new information before our visit?
A. You should upload your most up-to-date financial documents as well as any documents that have been substantially changed such as by-laws, handbooks, and crisis plans.

Q. If we have already had our pre-visit, do we need a new audit?
A. No, but you must have your most recent financial review and if you have done another audit, please submit a copy of that updated audit.

Q. Does this shift change the five-year cycle for SAIS accreditation permanently?
A. No, once you have this delayed visit, it will start your new five-year cycle.

Q. Will the accreditation fee that we paid with our RFP carry over to our new date?
A. Yes, if you have already submitted your RFP and paid your accreditation fee it will carry over to your new visit dates.

Q. Do we need to contact Cognia (formerly AdvancED/SACS) to secure an extension of our dual accreditation?
A. No, please do not contact Cognia. SAIS will handle all coordination of extensions for schools with dual accreditation with Cognia.

Q. Does this have any impact on the college admissions process for our students?
A. No, your SAIS accreditation as well as your dual accreditation with Cognia are extended for one year. There will be no disruption of your continuous accreditation.

Q. What if we have dual accreditation with another association?
A. Please refer to the cooperating associations websites to review their decisions or contact Joanne at for more information.

Q. When should we decide on new accreditation visit dates?
A. If you have already submitted your RFP and already have a team chair, please communicate with your chair about a new date and submit that date to as soon as possible. If you have submitted your RFP but do not have a chair yet, please choose new dates and submit those dates to as soon as possible. If you have not yet submitted your RFP, just submit your new semester with your dates when you send in your RFP.

Q. May I just go ahead and change my dates on the portal?
A. No, SAIS must change dates on the portal. Schools do not have access to those changes.