2023 Academic Support Conference | Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Peggy Campbell-Rush
U.S. Fulbright Education Specialist, U.S. Fulbright Education Program

Kimberly Carraway
Director/Cognitive Learning Specialist, Carraway Center for Teaching & Learning

Michael Greschler
Director of SMARTS Executive Function Programs, ResearchILD

Breakout Speakers

Tricia Anderson
Middle School Resource Director, Tallulah Falls School

Barbara Beachley
Executive Director of Learning & Development, ISM

Grace Benedict
Director of Learning Services, The Webb School

Brandon Boston
Founder, The Boston Group

Jared Clodfelter
Upper School Division Head, Currey Ingram Academy

Cathy Davis
Math Lab Coordinator, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School 

Jennifer Deslich
Occupational Therapist, Tallulah Falls School

Connie Fink
5th Grade Social Studies Teacher, University School of Nashville

Jennifer Gunn
Writing Center Sponsor, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Jenn Hoover
Learning Specialist, Savannah Country Day School

Susan Huennekens 
Learning Specialist, Savannah Country Day School

Regan Humphrey
Director of Community Outreach, Currey Ingram Academy 

Tanya Lynch
Co-Founder, The Boston Group

Hollie Marjanovic 
Upper School Learning Facilitator, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Anna Claire McKay
Middle School Learning Coordinator, University School of Nashville

Julie Oliver
Director of Middle School, The New Community School

Samantha Rose
Middle & Upper School English Teacher, The Webb School

Christy Sutton
Learning Specialist, The Webb School

Nancy Weinstein
CEO, MindPrint Learning

Connie White
Director of Learning Design & Innovation, Woodward Academy

Carolina Williams
Learning Specialist, Gulliver EDGE Program

Debra Wilson
President, SAIS