2023 Institute for Athletic Directors | Speakers

Jim Daughdrill
Director of Business Development, Enrollment Management Association

Patrice Elder
Director of Athletics and Co-Curricular Programs, Oak Hill School

Allison Gasuik
Wellness Coach, D&G Wellness

Tim Green
Athletics Consultant, Southern Teachers

Jeff McGinnis
Executive Director, Nashville Coaching Coalition

Jesse Olvera
Director of Athletics, The Covenant School of Dallas

Gabriella Pelosi 
Co-Founder, D&G Wellness Consulting

Ernest Robertson, Jr.
Director of Sports Enrichment Programs/Auxiliary, Palmer Trinity School

Daniel Russell
Athletic Director, Chattanooga Christian School

Larry Salley
Athletic Director, Porter-Gaud School

Jeff Schroeder
Middle School Athletic Director, Second Baptist School

Danielle Vallas
Co-Founder, D&G Wellness Consulting

Mike Walker
Director of Athletics, Second Baptist School

Jay Watts
Director of Athletics, Girls Preparatory School