Join a thoughtful discussion with Michael Horn on his most recent book From Reopen to Reinvent: (Re)Creating School for Every Child.

In From Reopen to Reinvent, distinguished education strategist Michael Horn offers a practical blueprint to rebuilding an education system that is no longer working for its students. He delivers a provocative and eye-opening call to action for the overthrow of an education system that is not working well for any of its students. Grounded in what educators should build in its place to address the challenges that stem from widespread unmet learning needs, the book walks readers through the design of a better path forward.

Using time-tested leadership and innovation frameworks like Jobs to Be Done, “Begin with the End,” tools of cooperation, threat-rigidity, and discovery-driven planning, From Reopen to Reinvent offers a prescriptive and holistic approach to the purpose of schooling, the importance of focusing on mastery for each student, and the ideal use of technology.

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