In this workshop, students will engage in an honest conversation about their own lived experiences and how those experiences shape the way they view and interact with the world around them. Students will then be challenged to empathize with points of views different from their own. From there, they will work with peers to identify areas of improvement in their community that they can collectively work toward to foster a better space where all voices are heard and included.

Registration Information

  • $175 per SAIS member school
  • $229 per non-member school
  • Open to upper school (grades 9-12) students only.
  • The registered chaperone is required to attend the workshop.
  • Maximum of 10 upper school students per school

Please contact with any questions.


Jerome Smalls

Jerome Smalls is a speaker, a youth influencer, and above all, a believer in inclusive education. Jerome graduated from Georgetown University in 2019 where he majored in marketing and minored in African American Studies. Jerome now works at his alma mater as the program manager of The Pivotal Network, which is housed in Georgetown’s Hub for Equity and Innovation in Higher Education. In addition to his role at Georgetown, Jerome is the author of Small Talk and the founder and CEO of SmallTalk LLC. In his first book, Jerome made it his mission to offer advice to young people from his perspective as a young person. At its core, SmallTalk, both the book and the company, is grounded in stories. Since coming to terms with his own narrative, Jerome has been focusing on two avenues to improve the performance of students from marginalized backgrounds. The first is empowering youth to find their voice and share their own stories. The second is providing educators with the tools to better understand their students’ stories and create deeper connections.

Matt Behrens
Georgetown Law

Matt Behrens attended Georgetown University as a Division 1 athlete majoring in justice and peace studies. As an athlete, Matt quickly realized the harmful rhetoric that occurred in locker rooms and became motivated to stand up against the toxic hypermasculine norms that pervade sports culture and schools everywhere. Now, Matt devotes his time to educating the youth about toxic gender norms so that they can become more informed and empowered to reach their fullest potential. Using the knowledge he gained from his justice and peace studies education, Matt explains the origins and evolution of racial stereotyping to students in order to combat these issues and enhance racial literacy. As a current student at Georgetown Law, Matt translates the legal dimensions of public policy issues, including the history and current realities of race, gender, and class, to improve civic awareness for all students.

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