Federal & State Privacy Law Changes – The Importance of Planning Ahead

April 28 | 12 PM Eastern / 11 AM Central

The first webinar in this series will discuss federal and state privacy laws. With cross-party support for a federal privacy law, the fragmented state approach to privacy is likely to be soon wrapped into a comprehensive privacy law. In lieu of this not happening, there are numerous other sponsored bills that slice and dice new requirements for privacy management for which independent schools need to comply. This webinar will highlight the likely changes, presenting a framework and privacy program for schools to follow in preparation for a new privacy landscape.

Vendor Management – An Approach to Evaluate Sharing Personal Data With EdTech & Other Vendors

May 6 | 12 PM Eastern / 11 AM Central

In the second webinar of this series, we will discuss how sharing personal data with third parties brings with it significant risk. The aggregate of technology in schools means that as students use more technology, their digital footprint grows with it, and the risks to their privacy increase. Schools have a responsibility to understand the impact of the technology they use on privacy, understand the risks, and measures in place to manage those risks. Additionally, with cyber-attacks on vendors, the implications of sharing personal data are greater than often understood. In this webinar, we will explore an approach to evaluating and managing risks such as these.

Cyber Threats – What, Where, & How

May 12
 | 12 PM Eastern / 11 AM Central

In the third webinar of this series, we will cover the latest cyber threat environment, the technical and operational steps a school can take to minimize its vulnerability, and the implications of not treating cyber as a top strategic priority. The intelligence used is gathered from schools we support who experience cyber incidents with common vulnerabilities.

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Mark Orchison 
Founder and CEO, 9ine

Neil Dermody
Data Protection Professional, 9ine

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