In this lively and interactive webinar, we will explore the critical elements of creating a legally enforceable enrollment agreement and common traps that independent schools should avoid when drafting. In addition, we will discuss lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, such as how best to address: force majeure provisions, authorization to use web-based programs, international student challenges, immunization and vaccine requirements, and schools’ discretion regarding grade/class placement. Topics will include:

  • Key provisions to include in enrollment agreements
  • Common problems with enrollment agreements
  • Drafting and implementing legally enforceable online enrollment agreements
  • Establishing internal policies for enforcement of enrollment agreements
  • Special considerations for students 18 and older
  • Enrollment agreement in the COVID-19 climate

Registration Information

  • Free for participants from SAIS member schools
  • $25 for participants from non-member schools

Please contact with any questions.


Sarah Fay
Partner, Schwartz Hannum PC

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