This workshop will present a recruitment process that has been implemented by many schools to expand and diversify their boards. It will include steps for identifying the characteristics, skills, and perspectives needed as well as suggestions for where to find and how to recruit prospective board members. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to share their own successful recruitment strategies. Participants will leave this workshop with:

1) knowledge of the steps to identify who they have, who they need, and who they want on their board,
2) a framework for thinking about diversity of thought and perspective on their board,
3) ideas for where they might find potential board candidates, and
4) connections with other board members and heads regarding their successes. 

Registration Information

  • Free for participants from SAIS member schools
  • $25 for participants from non-member schools

Please contact with any questions.


Brooke Carroll
Principal Consultant & Coach, Acies Strategies

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