How can we create schools that nurture all aspects of student flourishing? Research Schools International (RSI) and The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard have curated a collection of research-based activities that promote student flourishing. 

In this presentation, Christina Hinton will present a research study that RSI carried out on implementing these flourishing activities in an RSI partner school. Specifically, their research explored: 

  • To what degree are students flourishing? 
  • Which research-based practices is the school using regularly to support students’ flourishing? 
  • Which research-based practices can the school implement more often to further support students’ flourishing?

Finally, Christina will share an opportunity to be involved in an upcoming RSI project on flourishing in schools. Participants will leave this session with research-based activities that they can readily implement in their schools to promote student flourishing. 

Registration Information

  • Free for participants from SAIS member schools
  • $25 for participants from non-member schools

Please contact with any questions.


Christina Hinton
Founder and CEO, Research Schools International

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