Stress is up, wellness is down, and school leaders need to act.

We’re rapidly approaching some of the hardest school months.

Tests, prom, and graduation are hallmarks of the spring semester—but are often accompanied by stress, social conflicts, and rising levels of anxiety and depression. Because of these factors, March and April often see the most teen suicide attempts.

Community wellness—for your students, parents, and staff—must be front and center for school leaders in the spring months.

Join ISM and SAIS President Debra Wilson to explore the latest research in school wellness and what you can do right now to support your community.

You will learn how to:

  • interpret current trends to better understand how they impact your school
  • cope with the particular stressors of independent school students, parents, and staff
  • set your school on a path where student, parent, and staff wellness is a central focus


Debra Wilson
President, SAIS

In partnership with ISM

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