Job Duration: Permanent


Reports to: High School Principal

Education/Experience required/preferred: Four-year education degree is required. Master’s Degree in Education preferred. Teaching credential preferred.

“True Christianity is contagious. It is caught more easily than it is imparted.  More than any other faith it is mirrored in the life of the believer. And in school it must obviously be caught from the teachers, for they are the pattern for the students. The contract between [student and teacher] must be unusually close, closer than in most private schools…”  Frank Gaebelein


Each teacher at Oaks Christian School will incorporate into their teaching a worldview that is distinctly Christian (see OCS- A Christian Worldview), and will also demonstrate excellent teaching, learning, thinking, and expression. It is also assumed that a teacher has scholarly abilities in the area in which they teach, and that each teacher will diligently work toward helping students become independent and confident learners. Each classroom teacher works with the chair of his/her department and Academic Dean, and reports directly to the principal.

Primary Duties

Spiritual Commitment and Growth

  • Has a dynamic, growing faith and is a spiritual role model for students
  • Maintains a commitment to the school’s statement of faith in action and belief
  • Helps maintain an atmosphere of grace at OCS

Professional Growth

  • Commits to expertise and growth in discipline content and methodology
  • Maintains professional reading (books and journals)
  • Attends at least one conference per year
  • Learns and applies technology as appropriate

Classroom Management

  • Maintains a disciplined learning environment within classroom, which is built out of respect, grace, and passion for subject
  • Is available to students and parents before and after school and during advisory periods

Course Management

  • Maintains organization plan for each assigned course (subject matter outline, daily lesson plans, etc.)
  • As minimum, remains faithful to course outline as indicated in the curriculum guide and enriches curriculum when possible
  • Uses technology to enhance student learning and achievement
  • Responsible to prepare grade reports, progress reports, attendance reports, and other such reports in accordance with school policy.

Professional Responsibilities and Duties

  • Executes all duties in a timely manner (holds class on time, meets deadlines, etc.)
  • Helps maintain a collegial, educational environment throughout the campus
  • Maintains a ‘team player’ attitude and willingly collaborates
  • Maintains diligent communication with parents
  • Maintains cordial, professional relationships with all students, staff, parents, and community members
  • Attends meetings and sits on committees as directed by the administration
  • Is willingly involved in the OCS community outside of school hours
  • Faithfully completes reasonable extra duty assignments (event supervision, etc.)
  • Abides by the spirit and policies in the OCS Faculty Handbook
  • To hold office hours, meet with students and help students be successful

Advisory (High School) / Mentoring (Middle School)

  • A group of students that meets weekly with a designated faculty member for the purpose of small group discussion as related to chapels or student issues. The faculty member who leads an advisory is called an advisor. The role of the advisor is to shepherd their students spiritually and academically. Advisories meet once per 6 day cycle for forty-five minutes.
  • What is expected of an advisor?
  • Meet weekly with their students during advisory time
  • Sit with their students at school meetings such as chapel or forum
  • Keep track of their students’ academics and community service
  • Participate as group in the annual school auction (advisory baskets)
  • Earn the trust of their students
  • Pray for their students

The culture at OCS is one where we are dedicated to ministering to the whole person. Advisory is the only way where we have at least one adult assigned to the well-being of our students.

Those with 80% – 100% teaching load are awarded benefits and are expected to fully comply with the above job description. Additional job duties may be assigned as required.

Oaks Christian School offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

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