Job Duration: Indefinite

Minimum Education: BA/BS/Undergraduate

Minimum Experience: 1-2 Years

Job Description

As a Lead Teacher for the Lower School at Wild Oak, you will be the lead teacher for a mixed-age class of 8-10 students in 1st through 3rd grades. In subsequent years, this role will be responsible for a mixed-age classroom of 10-12 students in either a 1st-2nd grade classroom or 3rd-4th.

Wild Oak’s Lower School (1st-4th) and Middle School (5th-8th) will have an intentionally small student body, with class sizes from 10-14 across mixed age groups. Our model requires a collaborative approach with a balanced team of teachers who represent different areas of expertise, interests, and backgrounds.

40-hour work week for ~42 weeks: ASAP or Monday, September 20 (school start date) – Wednesday, June 22, 2022. School hours are 8:15-2:00, with required presence on campus at least 7:45-2:30. Preparation and other duties may be completed off campus.

Job Requirements

Interdisciplinary teaching & project-based learning

  • Helping to plan the integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum with all teachers at the beginning of the year and on teacher work-days.
    • Creating lessons utilizing a wide range of materials and approaches to engage different learning styles.
    • Focusing teaching more on whole-class discussion, small group discussion, paired projects, one-on-one (teacher-student) instruction, and daily individual work than lecture-style.
    • Preparing the classroom environment and materials in advance to visually reflect the lessons for the week.
  • Teaches subjects in an interdisciplinary fashion; showing facility across the language arts, sciences and math, visual and performing arts.
  • Collaborate with other teachers to plan and implement cross-discipline “Fridays in the Field” that address real-life 21st century social or environmental issues or tie thematically into the week’s lessons.

Building a culture of trust & belonging

  • Helping Wild Oak to maintain a “home-like,” serene atmosphere and aesthetic in the classroom to promote focus and self-regulation.
    • Responsible for preparation and inspection of the classroom environment, materials and equipment.
  • Employ classroom and communication practices that align with Wild Oak’s ethos and guiding principles:
    • Practice “nonviolent communication” with students, families, and colleagues
    • Practice “positive discipline”
    • Foster “trauma-sensitive classrooms”
  • Engage students in regular one-on-one meetings that encourage them to share successes and challenges without fear or shame

Outdoor-focused education

  • Situate lessons and activities in formats that make significant use of the outdoors
  • Plan and be prepared to facilitate outdoor education activities at least one Friday per month off-campus. These trips may be up to 45 minutes away from campus and typically involve up to 2 hours of moderate physical activity such as hiking or canoeing.

Diversify teaching and assessment approaches according to student’s needs, interests, intelligences

  • Adjust individual lessons and assessments to the cognitive, social, and emotional levels, and proclivities of each child as much as possible
  • Work with student’s families at the beginning and end of each quarter to develop personalized goals, assess progress, and address needs.
    • Ensure respectful and open lines of communication with parents. Be available to parents through written and in-person communication.
    • Establish a weekly documentation and system to track the children’s progress.
    • Schedule quarterly formal conferences with families and informal conferences as needed.
    • Give appropriate presentations to the families based on the child’s portfolio and other records.

Classroom management

  • Supervise and provide necessary instruction and training for any classroom volunteers.
  • Attend staff meetings and trainings:
    • Participate in the annual training & curriculum-building weeks prior to the opening of each school year.
    • Attend Staff Meetings, currently scheduled semi-monthly..
    • Participate in monthly Staff Workday Workshops (Fridays), which will consist of curriculum planning, group student assessments, and professional development.

Other duties

These additional responsibilities may come up from time to time. All staff assist with these duties.

  • Assess prospective children and discuss Wild Oak with visiting families.
  • Provide first aid as needed and complete appropriate forms for parents.
  • Attend all faculty meetings and scheduled staff events.
  • Be part of the team responsible for the school in the absence of the Directors.
  • Support fundraising efforts in ways that feel personally comfortable (for example, sharing your experiences as a teacher with prospective donors)
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