Job Duration: permanent


Trinity School seeks a full-time Lower Elementary Grade teacher. The minimum qualification for this position is a Bachelor of Arts in Education, and a State Teacher’s Certification is highly desirable. Applicants should have a strong understanding of early childhood development, possess a strong foundation in reading, writing, and mathematical skills, have used differentiated instruction in these skill areas, and have some knowledge and experience with instructional technology.

Job description:

  • Serve as lead teacher in a lower elementary grade classroom (K, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd)
  • Create lessons and assessments
  • Attend faculty meetings and professional development meetings
  • Communicate regularly with administrators and parents
  • Maintain a gradebook and prepare student progress reports

The following personal and professional characteristics are important:

  1. A willingness to serve as a role model of Christian faith and action; interact with students, parents, and staff in a manner consistent with Biblical values. 
  2. A passion for shepherding a young child’s heart.
  3. A delight in teaching and learning about nature and history.
  4.  A desire to provide a learning environment that encourages questions and exploration.
  5.  A willingness to partner with parents.
  6.  A value of collaboration and camaraderie with colleagues.
  7.  A pursuit of professional development opportunities.
  8.  An enthusiasm for Trinity’s unique mission and putting it into practice.

Embracing the pleasures of childhood, loving to learn, and being a member of a growing community are important values for candidates to possess.

To be considered, qualified candidates should attach a cover letter, resume, and any other supporting documents, such as college transcripts and certifications, to their Trinity application. 

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