Job Duration: permanent


Trinity School is searching for a Teacher Assistant for a TK-3rd grade class. Teacher assistants work closely with the classroom teacher to plan and deliver a Christian education. Assistants provide supervision, support, and training of individual students or groups of students within the regular educational setting, and they assist with daily preparation, instruction, activities, and clean-up of materials as determined by the classroom teacher. Assistants are expected to exercise effective classroom management skills and to seek to establish a caring and supportive environment for pupils on a daily basis. Maintaining a safe learning environment for all students and communicating daily with the classroom teacher are important contributions of Trinity teacher assistants.

Each teacher aide is expected to:  


  1. Serve as a role model of Christian faith and action; interact with students, family, staff  in a manner consistent with Biblical values.  
  2. To be inside the classroom no later than 15 minutes before students arrive.  
  3. Attend all planned school functions: e.g., open houses, in-services, and teacher  workdays required for other teaching staff.  
  4. Assist the teacher with preparation, instruction, and clean up of materials and activities  daily.  
  5. Help assess and evaluate each student’s progress daily and quarterly.  
  6. Interact  with children in ways appropriate to child growth and development.  
  7. Carry out supervisory teacher duties in a prompt and reasonable manner when  necessary, as agreed on with the teacher.  
  8. Provide technical assistance to the teacher: e.g., filing, recording, and copying.  
  9. Be supportive of Trinity School on campus and in the community as well as being loyal  and complimentary of administration, staff, and fellow colleagues.  
  10. Arrange for a substitute assistant and all details when the assistant must be absent.  
  11. Communicate all relevant concerns about students to the teacher. 
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