The Middle School Director is charged with the comprehensive responsibility for all activities of students and faculty in the division made up of grades five through eight. Reporting to the Head of School, the Director is supported by the Grade Chairs, a Guidance Counselor, a Division Assistant, as well as an experienced and outstanding Middle School faculty. As a member of the Administrative Team, the Director collaborates to guide the entire school’s programs and activities.


The Middle School Director’s responsibilities include:

  • Leading the education for 200 Middle School students
  • Managing day-to-day operations of the division and the activities of its faculty and students
  • Fostering an active, open, innovative, collaborative academic environment
  • Communicating and interacting effectively with parents
  • Observing and evaluating faculty to encourage professional growth
  • Maintaining continued faculty excellence through support of faculty professional development
  • Managing divisional budgets and expenditures
The Middle School Director also:
  • Serves as a trusted advisor to the Head of School as part of the Administrative Leadership Team
  • Attends all Board of Trustee meetings
  • Serves as the advocate and champion for the Middle School faculty
  • Fosters a school environment that furthers the school’s mission of pursuing excellence
  • Serves as an example-for students and the community-of adherence to the school’s ideals by demonstrating integrity, honor, discipline, energy, and enthusiasm
  • Grows and nurtures cohesiveness and trust in the Middle School
  • Understands and supports the Academy Honor Code
  • Maintains a visible supportive presence in the school’s wide variety of co-curricular activities
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