Reading & Dyslexia Specialist
(Lower School Grades 1-4)


Qualifications: 1. Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education 

  1. Masters Degree in Reading 
  2. Certified Dyslexia Specialist
  3. A minimum of two years experience in a lab classroom with tier 2 or 3 instruction. 
  4. A deep understanding of Orton Guillanham Models of Intervention: particularly IMSE Multisensory, Wilson, Linda Mood Bell or Barton, and Reading Recovery. 


The main responsibilities of this position will be to:

  • Review and interpret psychological evaluations in order to identify appropriate interventions for individual students
  • Maintain appropriate documentation for students
  • Implement appropriate intervention strategies for the individual student’s diagnosis and needs
  • Recommend modifications and teaching strategies that will enhance student success
  • Serve as a liaison between students, parents, teachers, division heads, and consultants