This is a recording of the February 17, 2021, webinar, Everything You Should Know About the COVID Vaccine featuring Drs. Keipp and Tom Talbot. Vanderbilt epidemiologists and vaccine experts, Drs. Keipp and Tom Talbot, provided an in-depth presentation on the science, testing, trials, safety, and efficacy of the COVID vaccine.


Webinar Recording

Additional Q&A

Below are responses to questions submitted through the Q&A that were not addressed in the recording. 

Can the drug be given subq?Not subQ — needs to be deeper, as with other vaccines 
If a person has had strong immune responses to regular flu and other vaccines, do you recommend one vaccine over another for fewer side effects?Nope. And just because have had a reaction to one type of vaccine does not mean you will have a strong reaction to a COVID vaccine.
Is the rationale behind the CDCs recommended window of not having to quarantine for 3 months post exposure for those vaccinated because of a lack of data or because the efficacy of the vaccine is only 3 months?Just being cautious; not due to data the vaccine only works for 3 months. I expect this will change over time to a longer period since vaccination.

This webinar was co-hosted by independent school associations around the region.