2023 SAIS Supporters

ISM is dedicated to advancing school leadership to enrich the student experience. Rely on 45+ years of research, knowledge, and experience to strengthen your private school’s strategies and deliver your mission with excellence. Choose from 40+ virtual and in-person workshops and 50+ webinars each year to ensure you’re doing what’s best for your faculty, staff, students, and community. Develop new skills, explore research-based approaches, and feel confident in your role as a private school leader.

Contact: Aimee Gibison, Associations & Partnerships Manager, aimee@isminc.com
Supporting: Academic Support Conference, DEI Institute, Institute for Athletic Directors, Fundamentals Conference, Summer Conference, Annual Conference

Monthly, school-term, and 2-year lease rentals of 15-passenger (non-CDL) MFSAB buses, and 25, 33, or 44 passenger buses.

Website: www.busmaxrental.com
Contact: Meryl Healy, Director of Sales, meryl@busmaxrental.com
Supporting: Institute for Athletic Directors

Clarifi provides evidence-based executive function coaching software that helps teens complete homework more independently, efficiently, and confidently.

Website: www.tryclarifi.com
Contact: Bryan Dinner, CEO + Founder, bryan@tryclarifi.com
Supporting: Academic Support Conference

We are a national sign and LED company. We design, manufacture, install, and service signs of all types across the U.S., and we are a nationwide leader in LED displays.

Website: www.completesigns.net
Contact: Brian Austin, Sales, brianaustin@completesigns.net
Supporting: Institute for Athletic Directors

ERB (Educational Records Bureau) is an industry-leading independent educational advisory. We thoughtfully track the entire student journey for grades 1-12 with our integrated suite of products and services to assess and enhance academic ability, social maturity, and emotional awareness. In doing so, we help enable schools, educators, and families to unlock their students’ full potential.

Jason Lasnetski, Member Services Director, jlasnetski@erblearn.org
Supporting: Academic Support Conference

Our core product is the Seeing My Time® curriculum which takes an innovative, scaffolded approach to teaching the executive function skills of time management, planning and organization. We offer this curriculum through private sessions, and group classes. These sessions are available in both distance and in-person formats.

Website: www.executivefunctioningsuccess.com
Kathleen Rutter, Administrator, admin@efsuccess.info
Supporting: Academic Support Conference

Fully online master’s program with a concentration in independent school leadership. This program caters to working professionals focusing on the leadership of directors, heads of schools, and other professionals responsible for the growth and management of private and independent schools.

Website: https://education.gmu.edu/education-leadership/
Regina Biggs, Associate Professor, rbiggs@gmu.edu
Supporting: Academic Support Conference

We specialize in executive function skill building. We partner with schools by providing professional development to better recognize, accommodate and empower students struggling with EF, and support learners through virtual or in-person instruction, both in one-on-one and group settings. We also provide high-dosage tutoring in literacy and math, as well as learning assessments to help students and their families understand their strengths and challenges, so they can find the right path to learning for them.

Website: www.learnfully.com
Lee Tousignant, Head of Sales & Business Development, lee@learnfully.com
Supporting: Academic Support Conference

MindPrint is the only K12 solution that uses objective cognitive data to teach students how they learn best and provide strategies personalized to students’ learning strengths and needs. MindPrint provides instructional strategies for teachers and a self-efficacy course for students all based on objective data in the MindPrint Profile.

Website: www.mindprintlearning.com
Joel Mayes, Sales Consultant, joel@mayeseducational.com
Supporting: Academic Support Conference

At Revolution Prep, our interactive online tutoring means you get the most experienced tutors anywhere, expertly matched to your needs and learning style. Since 2002, Revolution Prep has helped over 1 million families to reach their goals for test prep and academic success. With a pedagogy based on years of Stanford University research, and the only roster of full-time, professional tutors, our sole focus is on providing families with the perfect tutor to boost scores and build confidence.

Contact: Matt Hale, Regional Director, matt.hale@revolutionprep.com
Supporting: Academic Support Conference

Bring your school’s legacy to life with the Wall of Fame. Our interactive display, web access, and extensive content development and assistance programs will make it easy to enhance your message to engage your community and encourage extracurricular participation.

Website: www.vitalsignswalloffame.com
Contact: John Townsend, CEO, john@vitalsignswalloffame.com
Supporting: Institute for Athletic Directors

The Winkler Group is a full-service fundraising consulting firm specializing in capital campaigns, campaign studies, and strategic planning for nonprofits, independent schools, colleges, churches, hospitals, and ministries. With offices in South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and and New York, we serve clients nationwide

Contact: Jessica Browning, Principal, Executive Vice President, jbrowning@winklergroup.com
Supporting: Capital Campaigns Workshop