Accreditation Standards

Standard 1


The school commits to a mission that leads to continuous improvement for teaching and learning. An SAIS accredited school’s mission guides decision-making, allocation of resources, and the building of community.

Standard 2

Governance and Leadership

The school provides a governance, leadership, and organizational structure that promotes its mission. In an SAIS accredited school, trustees and administrators clearly understand their roles and are advocates for the school’s mission, vision, and continuous improvement. Leaders encourage collaboration and shared responsibility for school improvement among stakeholders.

Standard 3

Teaching and Learning

The school provides a curriculum and instructional methods that facilitate achievement of all students in support of its mission. An SAIS accredited school provides a curriculum that reflects best practices, strategies, and activities. The curriculum includes clearly defined expectations for student development that are subject to review and revision at regular intervals.

Standard 4

Stakeholder Communications and Relationships

The school develops and maintains effective communication and relationships to further its mission. An SAIS accredited school communicates clearly and accurately with its stakeholders and encourages collaboration to further its mission.

Standard 5

Resources and Support Systems

The school has the resources, services, and policies necessary to support its mission. An SAIS accredited school has sufficient human and material resources, employs a qualified and competent staff, and provides ongoing professional development. The school has well-defined and communicated policies and procedures to promote a safe, healthy, and orderly environment.

Standard 6

Virtual Education

The school’s virtual learning, whether required by circumstance or offered outside of its regular in-person programming, aligns with its mission. *For Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 visits these will be used as discussion points during the pre-visit.