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School Community Feedback Survey

The SAIS School Community Feedback Survey is designed to help schools understand the expectations of their stakeholders and how well the school is meeting those expectations. The survey is available for current parents, faculty, and students in grades 9-12. Questions cover areas such as curriculum and program, classroom experience, student support, and collects Net Promoter Scores® from all participants. Respondents have the option to share narrative comments and schools have the option to add custom questions.

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Net Promoter Score® Survey

Interested in measuring your school’s Net Promoter Scores® more frequently? This brief survey will give a snapshot of Net Promoter Scores®. Respondents also have the option to share narrative comments with the school.

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Governance Health Check

The SAIS Governance Health Check measures the commitment of the board and head to these five domains of board governance: roles and responsibilities, structure and operations, culture, board-head partnership, and strategic mindset.

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Motivation and Engagement Survey

The SAIS Motivation and Engagement Survey for faculty/staff and/or students gives administrators important windows into the self-reported mindsets of staff and students. Motivation and engagement are leading indicators into the strength of the school’s learning community. The Motivation and Engagement Survey focuses specifically on the three core psychological needs connected to internal motivation; autonomy, belonging, and competence. The survey is designed to be a snapshot, offering a quick look at these three core needs. The survey may be given to faculty/staff or students in grades 6-12.

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NAIS-DASL Annual Benchmarking Survey

The NAIS DASL benchmarking survey gathers information about school operational items (enrollment, budget, salaries, etc.). To have full access, schools should plan to submit data according to the time frame listed on NAIS website.  All independent schools are encouraged to utilize this tool, regardless of NAIS membership status.

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