Have a question and not sure who to ask?

Accreditation, membership, portal access/login:
Joanne Andruscavage
Director of Accreditation
(678) 255-8903

Surveys, resources:
Sheri Burkeen
Director of Resources
(678) 255-8908

Career center, database updates:
Clay Gibney
Director of Technology
(678) 255-8914

Accounts payable or receivable:
Julia Grantham
Director of Administration
(678) 255-8909

Speakers, program content ideas, social media:
Elizabeth Maglio
Director of Professional Learning
(678) 203-5022

Event registration/cancellation, dietary/special needs:
Abby Schultz, CMP
Events Specialist

(678) 255-8916

General questions, operational issues:
Lori Spear, CAE
Executive Vice President
(678) 255-8910

Exhibits, sponsorship:
Anna Taylor
Director of Marketing
(678) 255-8912

Appointment with SAIS President:
Carole Weems
Accreditation & Survey Manager
(678) 255-8930

School crisis, governance, other school-related issues:
Debra Wilson
(678) 255-8901

MAILING ADDRESS: 6050 Peachtree Pkwy, Ste 240-199, Norcross, GA 30092

MAIN PHONE #: (678) 255-8900