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2024 eNewsletters

April 4, 2024
Headlines: Letter From SAIS Trustee Jackie Westerfield, School Stories: A Journey of Transformation at Carolina Day School, Counseling Professionals Survey Results, Wellness Resources, Embracing Continuous Enrollment: Overcoming Challenges & Maximizing Benefits, Summer Conference, 2025 SAIS Board of Trustees Nominations, Upcoming Events

March 7, 2024
Headlines: Letter From Former SAIS Trustee Jeff Mitchell, Effective Faculty Orientation & Mentoring, The Head of School Interview, Adding Up, Resources for Recruitment & Retention, SAIS Career Center, Institute for Heads, Upcoming Events

February 8, 2024
Headlines: Letter From SAIS Trustee Autumn Graves, Welcome New SAIS Board Members, Supporting & Retaining Talent, We Need to Talk: Preparing for Difficult Conversations, Navigating Financial Success & Mission Alignment, SAIS + MISBO + ST @ NAIS Reception, New & Aspiring Leaders Institute, Upcoming Events

January 11, 2024
Headlines: Letter From SAIS Trustee Stuart Gulley, Campaign Readiness: Is Your School Prepared?, Resources for Identifying and Supporting Executive Function Skills in the Classroom, Introducing the New SAIS Member Compass, Traveling Our Pathways of Diversity, SAIS DEI Institute, SAIS Advancement Institute, Upcoming Events

2023 eNewsletters

December 7, 2023
Headlines: Letter From SAIS Trustee Kavita Vasil, Make Sure Your Employment Agreements Include the Three P’s, Lessons for Women in Leadership: Stop Saying These Two Phrases, Key Insights From the 2023 Security Survey, Kindness in Our Communities, Annual Conference Call for Proposals, Institute for Athletic Directors, Upcoming Events

November 2, 2023
Headlines: Letter From SAIS Trustee Doug Norry, FastStats: A Comparison of Teacher Salaries in SAIS States, Service Learning, Giving Tuesday, 2023 Annual Conference Review, Curriculum Symposium, Women’s Leadership Institute, Upcoming Events

October 5, 2023
Headlines: Letter From SAIS Trustee Nancy Foy, SAIS President Announcement, The Intersection of Learning Differences & Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence in Education, Get Ready for the Annual Conference, Contribute to Our HeadLines eNewsletter, Optimizing the Board/Head Partnership, Coaching: Finding Your Fit, Upcoming Events

September 7, 2023
Headlines: Letter From SAIS Trustee Will Kesler, Reinventing School, Distinguished Service Awards: Doreen Kelly & Dennis Manning, Welcome Jill, Curriculum Review, The What/Why/How of DASL, SAIS Board of Trustees Nominees, Upcoming Events

August 3, 2023
Headlines: Letter From SAIS Trustee Brett Jacobsen, Congrats & Welcome, When Achievement Culture Becomes Toxic & What You Can Do About It: An Interview With Jennifer Wallace, Benefits of Serving on an SAIS Accreditation Team, Good Governance, SAIS Staff Update, SAIS President Search Update, Upcoming Events

May 18, 2023
Headlines: President’s Letter, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, SAIS Search Update, Summer Planning for the Next School Year, Are Print Books Better for Learning Than Digital Text?, Opportunities to Support Your New Teachers, 2024 SAIS Board of Trustees Nominations, Upcoming Events

April 20, 2023
Headlines: President’s Letter, An Interview with Devorah Heitner on Digital Well-Being, Big Picture Reflections to Inform Your Faculty Onboarding Re(Design), Suicide Prevention & Supporting School Community After a Loss, School Stories: Student Wellness Programs, SAIS President Search Update, 2024 SAIS Board of Trustees Nominations, Upcoming Events

March 23, 2023
Headlines: President’s Letter, Faculty & Stuff Hiring: A Concierge Approach, Feedback as Furthering: The Three C’s, Engaging Challenging Parents, Board Self-Assessment, Evaluating the Head of School, News You Can Use, Reflect & Reset in Sarasota, Upcoming Events

February 23, 2023
Headlines: President’s Letter, Vetting Candidates Throughout the Hiring Process, Employee Benefits in SAIS Schools, The Smartest Person in the Room, The Head’s Role in Cultivating Leaders, SAIS Career Center, Submit a Session Proposal, Upcoming Events

January 26, 2023
Headlines: President’s Letter, The Strategic Value of an Interim Head, ChatGPT: Understanding the Tool & Implications for Our Classrooms, Powerful School Partnerships, DEI Institute Speaker Spotlight, Employee Benefits Survey, Submit a Session Proposal, Upcoming Events

2022 eNewsletters

December 8, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, Building Teams, The Head of School Database: First-Year Findings, School Stories: Why Worldview? A Call to Christ, A Call to Virtue, Four Benchmarks That Predict a Successful Capital Campaign, Reviewing Enrollment Contracts, Data Collection Tools for Financial Planning, Upcoming Events

November 10, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, Values That Bind and Divide Us, Considerations for an Evolving Legal Landscape: Student Pregnancy on Campus, Learning Restoration in the COVID Era: A Study of SAIS Member Schools, 2022 SAIS Annual Conference Recap, SAIS Academic Support Conference Preview, We’re Hiring, Upcoming Events

October 13, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, Fundraising Trends, The Power of Process, Essential Questions for New Leaders, Using Data Science to Enhance Your School’s Perceived Value & Financial Vitality, Child Safety & Protection Resources, SAIS Volunteer Opportunities, 2023 SAIS Trustee Nominees, Upcoming Events

September 15, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, Update: Nonprofit Status & Federal Financial Assistance, School Safety & Security, Board & Governance Resources, School Stories: Back to School Events, Preview: SAIS Annual Conference, Distinguished Service Award, 2023 SAIS Trustee Nominees, Upcoming Events

August 18, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, Independent School Associations’ Response to Federal Court Ruling, Welcome & Congratulations, Dodging Potholes: An Open Letter to New Heads of School, School Stories: How Do You Celebrate Your 175th Birthday?, School Community Feedback Survey Trends, Volunteer Opportunities With SAIS, Upcoming Events

May 5, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, SAIS Board of Trustees: Call for Nominations, Leadership Transitions, Investing in Early-Career Teachers, School Climate and Student Well-Being, SAIS Accreditation: Jumping Through Hoops or Getting Engaged, Summer Reading List, Governance Resources, Upcoming Events

April 7, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, SAIS Board of Trustees: Call for Nominations, Work and Wellness, School Stories: The Mount Vernon School’s Innovation Diploma, Mental Health and Students Athletes, Suicide Prevention and Supporting the School Community After a Loss, FastStats, Serenity in School Leadership, SAIS Connect, Upcoming Events

March 3, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, Helping Students Understand Current World Events, The Ins & Outs of Social Media, School Could Be Real Life, Powering On, Congrats Junior, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Upcoming Events

February 3, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, Reinventing the Interview, What Employees Want: Post-Pandemic Retention Strategies, Recruiting & Retaining Diverse Faculty & Staff, Black History Month Resources, School Stories: Culture With Intentionality, Developing Onboarding Procedures, Required Skills & Responsibilities, Upcoming Events

January 13, 2022
Headlines: President’s Letter, School Is Not Reality, School Stories: The John Crosland School, Partnering With Classroom Teachers to Support All Students, Service Learning in Middle School, Executive Functioning Skills for All Students, Career Center Offers Member Benefits, Upcoming Events

2021 eNewsletters

December 2, 2021
Headlines: President’s Letter, FastStats: Financial Health Trends, Getting Your Financial House in Order, Financial Wellness, Traditions & Celebrations, Fundamentals Conference, Developing Financial Policies, Upcoming Events

November 4, 2021
Headlines: President’s Letter, Dashboard Dive, Financial Planning Tools, Data Science Standards, School Stories: We Have a Data Breach, SAIS Surveys, Cybersecurity Pitfalls, SAIS Distinguished Service Award, Upcoming Events

Octover 7, 2021
Headlines: President’s Letter, Amanda Ripley Interview, Working Through Conflict With the Board, Annual Conference Reading List, SAIS Distinguished Service Award, Leading Through Conflict, Effective Board Governance, Upcoming Events

September 9, 2021
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, 2021-22 HOS appointments, FastStats: Director of Communications, Communications in SAIS Schools, Calming Crisis, A Checklist for Crisis Planning & Preparation, Beyond the Open House, 2022 SAIS Trustee Nominees, Upcoming Events

August 12, 2021
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Vaccine & Mask Survey Results, Measuring Student Well-Being, Improving Support for Mental Health, The Second Pandemic, Rebuilding Community, COVID-19 Resources, Upcoming Events

May 6, 2021
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, FastStats: Pandemic Impact on School Indicators, Financial Health, Strategic Steps to Design the Future of School, Lifelong Learners vs. Skill-Seekers, In-Person Events, Training for Your New Teachers

April 8, 2021
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Post-Pandemic Skills for School Leaders, Learner-Center Education, Leading With Integrity, Post-COVID Entrepreneurship, In-Person Events, Upcoming Webinars, SAIS Board of Trustees: Call for Nominations

March 11, 2021
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Working With Parents, Campus Tours, Designing With Intention, Fundraising Lessons, Summer Conference, Upcoming Webinars, In-Person Events

February 11, 2021
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, DEI in Independent Schools, Pollyanna Position Paper IV: Looking for a Partner, Insights From Derrick Gay, Three Reasons to Be Optimistic About Fundraising in 2021, Women’s Leadership Institute, In-Person Conferences

January 14, 2021
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Strategic Planning 101, Eight Predictions for Education in 2021, Webinars, Virtual Conferences, The Reckoning Begins, In-Person Conferences

2020 eNewsletters

December 3, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Learning From Crisis, Upcoming Webinars, Buckle Your Seatbelts! Navigating the Path to 2021-22, Winter 2021 Virtual Learning Opportunities, Parent Ambassadors, 2021 Events

November 5, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, FastStats: NAIS & SAIS Students & Personnel of Color, Quick Tuition Study: 2019-20 Data, Buckle Your Seatbelts! Navigating the Path to the 2021-22 School Year, 2021 Learning Opportunities, Knowledge Center, Upcoming Webinars

October 8, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Shifts & Opportunities on the Path Ahead, SAIS 2020: Are You Registered Yet?, Jon Meacham Looks to Lessons From History & Meet Reuben Brigety, 2021 Learning Opportunities, Thank You Sponsors, October Webinars

September 10, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Will It Still Matter Who Gets In & Why?, Conference Breakouts Span Variety of Topics, Jon Meacham Talks About His New Book, Webinars for Heads & Boards, Author Chat With Debby Irving, Webinars for Admin & Faculty

August 13, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Return to Campus Resources, SAIS Virtual Conference, Community Well-Being, 2021 SAIS Board of Trustees Nominee, Active Learning & Physically Distanced Classrooms, Virtual Learning Opportunities

May 14, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Summer Programs, Virtual Summer Conference, Returning to Campus, The World of Higher Ed, Tuition Considerations, Connect & Learn With SAIS

April 9, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Communicating About Refunds, Staying Grounded, Legal Guidance, Next Steps for School Leaders, Resources for Managing Difficult Times, COVID’s Impact on Education, Call for SAIS Board of Trustees Nominations, Upcoming Webinars

March 12, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, 10 Ways to Prepare for Coronavirus, Coronavirus Webinar Takeaways, Coronavirus on Campus, Student Wellness Trends, Webinar Recordings, Call for SAIS Board of Trustees Nominations, Upcoming Webinars

February 13, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, FastStats, Heifer International, Authentic Connections/SAIS Partnership, Share This With Parents, SAIS @ NAIS, Upcoming Webinars

January 16, 2020
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Managing Cyber Risks Webinar, Highlights, ISM, Disaster Recovery as a Service, LinkedIn’s Changes to, SAIS @ NAIS Reception, Authentic Connections/SAIS Partnership, Upcoming Webinars

2019 eNewsletters

December 5, 2019
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Head Contracts and Compensation, Compensation Strategy Resources, Southern Teachers, Financially Challenged Colleges, Student Wellness Webinar, January Professional Development

November 7, 2019
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, FastStats: Compensation Trends, Annual Conference Wrap Up, Mills Uniform Company, January Professional Development, Head Contracts and Compensation, In Case You Missed It

October 3, 2019
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Compensation Strategies, SAIS Board of Trustee Nominees, The Carney Sandoe Commitment, Distinguished Service Award, Fall Magazine, Wage & Hour Law Update, In Case You Missed It

September 5, 2019
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Hurricane Resources & Support, Antitrust Investigation, FastStats, SAIS Board of Trustees Nominees, Stop School Shootings, SAIS Annual Conference, Cognia, Quick Links, Compensation Strategies

August 8, 2019
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, SAIS Annual Conference, Governance Guidance, Transcript Consortium, SAIS Board of Trustees Nominees, Summer Recap, Book Review, Professional Development

May 9, 2019
HeadLinesPresident’s Letter, Women in Leadership Retreat, Collaboration Grant Report, FastStats, Summer Events, VR in the Classroom, SAIS Staff News, College Admissions

April 4, 2019
HeadLinesAn Honor Well Deserved, Above and Beyond, Towards a More Humane High School Schedule, NAIS Recap, Book Review

March 7, 2019
HeadLinesCollege Interviews, Collaboration Grant Report, The Value of Intellectual Humility, Retaining Top Talent, and Book Review

February 7, 2019
HeadLinesFastStats on Faculty Salaries, Crisis Response, Book Review, and Re-enrollment HelpJanuary 10, 2019

HeadLinesTabletop Safety Drills, Financial Aid, Snow Days, Book Review, and President’s Letter

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