The SAIS School Community Feedback Survey is designed to help schools gather data on how well the school is meeting expectations of parents and families, faculty and staff, and current upper school students.

Our November and December survey dates are full. We accepting registrations for January 2022 deployments at this time.

Overview of Survey Questions and School Report

The survey has been updated to reflect current events and concerns that schools are facing. Schools should preview the surveys to make sure they are appropriate for your school audiences.

Schools can choose to remove questions or selections as appropriate for your school and culture. Schools also have the ability to add their own questions for an additional fee.

After completing the demographic questions, respondents are asked to provide feedback in eleven different categories from mission and engagement to safety and security. Within each category are specific items.

CategoryIndividual Items
Mission and EngagementMission alignment, connection to school community, respect, and trust
Curriculum and ProgramAcademic standards, course offerings, requirements outside school hours, technology, academic support, social-emotional learning, global learning, inclusion, environmental and character education, off campus and service learning, and facilities
Life and Learning SkillsCollaboration and teamwork, connectedness, empathy, creative and critical thinking, verbal and written communication, citizenship, leadership, perseverance, resilience, organization, self-control, and time management
Student SupportPhysical health, social-emotional well being, discipline and behavioral expectations, academic success, and transition to the next academic level
Classroom ExperienceCare and concern of faculty, inspirational and motivating faculty, subject area and grade level expertise of faculty, assessment, class size, gender and racial diversity of faculty
AdministrationWelcoming, accessible, responsive, communicative on school matters
AthleticsVariety of offerings, quality of program, opportunity to participate
Fine ArtsVariety of offerings, quality of program, opportunity to participate
Clubs and Co-curricularsVariety of offerings, quality of program, opportunity to participate
Campus Safety and SecurityFacilities and grounds, event security, transportation safety
Welcoming and Inclusive CommunitySocioeconomic, race and ethnicity, physical ability, sexual identity, intellectual ability, political affiliation, religious beliefs
Dining Services (optional)Quality of offerings, variety of offerings, healthy options
Uniforms and Dress Code (optional)Uniform provider, quality and fit, variety of options, cost and value
Faith-based Curriculum and ProgramFaith-based curriculum, Biblical worldview, religious course offerings and requirements, spiritual development, worship services, service learning, retreats, mission work, and faith-based extracurricular opportunities

At the item level, respondents indicate to what extent the school is meeting their expectations. The respondent also answers whether or not they would recommend the school with an opportunity to provide narrative comments. The sample question below shows how the survey question will appear for stakeholders.

Survey Preview

The survey has been updated to reflect current events and concerns that schools are facing. Please preview the surveys to make sure they are appropriate for your environment. Non-member schools who wish to preview the surveys, please contact

School Report

Results from the survey are compiled and sent to the school approximately 10-14 days after the survey closes. Reports are presented with comparison ready disaggregation of stakeholder groups. There is no individual identifying information in the reports to maintain the anonymity of the respondents.

Survey Deployment Schedule and Messaging

Register for the survey and submit stakeholder email addressesSchoolMinimum 10 days prior to deployment
Pre-survey notificationSchool3-5 days prior to survey deployment
Survey deploymentSAISDeployment date
First reminderSAIS2-3 days after deployment
Second reminderSchool (typically as part of a pre-scheduled newsletter or communication)3-5 days after deployment
Third and final reminderSAIS5-7 days after deployment
Survey closesSAIS7-10 days after deployment
Thank you noteSchoolAfter the survey closes; either before or after you have received results
Results sent to schoolSAISApproximately 14 days after survey closes
Sample verbiage for your communication pieces will be included in your registration confirmation.

Survey Costs

Parent Survey$300
Faculty and Staff Survey$250
Student Survey (for 9th-12th grade students only)$250
NON-MEMBER SCHOOLS (includes 1-3 of the above survey versions)$1000
Custom Questions
Open-Ended Questions$25
Matrix/Rating/Multiple Choice Questions$50
Custom virtual workshop to debrief results$400

Custom Virtual Workshop

An optional custom virtual workshop is available for $400. This will provide an in-depth and personalized analysis and is delivered as a 75-minute live virtual session. You will have the opportunity to register for this workshop when you receive your results.


Why doesn’t the school send all stakeholder communications instead of SAIS?
By using a third party such as SAIS, your stakeholders will have a higher confidence level in the integrity and validity of the survey process. Also, SAIS is able to send follow-up emails to the people who have not yet responded to the survey.

Why doesn’t SAIS send all stakeholders messages? Why does the school send the first message? The initial message announcing the survey should come from a recognized and credible source, such as the head of school. There is compelling research indicating that a pre-survey announcement from a trusted source increases response rates.

How long will it take respondents to complete the survey?
The average amount of time to complete the survey is 10 minutes.

Are custom questions available?
Yes. If you do wish to request additional questions please contact Additional fees apply: $25 for each open-ended question and $50 for each matrix/rating/multiple choice question.

Can we change any of the questions?
The phrasing and format of the questions support survey validation and benchmarking efforts. If you have questions in this area, please contact

What if we don’t have athletics, do you still ask those questions? Yes. Remember, this survey is establishing how well the school is meeting expectations. Just because you don’t offer something doesn’t mean your stakeholders don’t have expectations in that area (nor does it imply that you should start offering it).

What if we don’t have email addresses for students – or have them set in a way that they can’t receive outside emails?
We can provide a web link for this group. However, in that case we aren’t able to send reminders or monitor who has or hasn’t completed the survey. If it is necessary to use a single web link for this group, we recommend arranging for students to take the survey all at one time or during a specific class. If this is the scenario that best meets your needs, be sure to select the web link for students option when you register for the survey.

What if some faculty members are also parents?
You may choose to include them in both the faculty and parent survey. They would receive two separate email invitations. Let them know to expect two surveys and answer each from the appropriate perspective.

Why are trustees and alumni no longer surveyed? We found that the trustee group was often too small to be statistically significant, and schools often placed too much weight on responses from such a small group. We also found that alumni were often too far removed, by geography or years, to appropriately comment on the current status of the school. Alumni reflections on their experiences can cloud the present day picture of the school. Trustees and alumni who are parents of current students can be included in the parent survey group.