Accreditation Team Service

SAIS accreditation is based on a peer-review process that encourages educators to view their efforts as a civic duty within the independent school community, ensuring the sustained quality of independent education. Serving on an accreditation team is excellent professional development and will give you the opportunity to grow as a leader in the independent school community.

SAIS plans accreditation teams far in advance, so it is likely that if you are asked to serve, it will not be during the current semester.

The SAIS model uses a team that is focused on a school’s strategic vision for its growth and mission fulfillment and team members are usually asked to serve based on areas of expertise. Occasionally, classroom teachers are appropriate for visiting teams, but not often. We typically ask heads of school, assistant/associate heads, division heads, CFOs, academic deans, experienced academic department heads, and directors of technology, service learning, global education, admissions, etc. to serve as team members.