2024 SAIS Curriculum Symposium Exhibitors

Since 1972, Abeka has supported schools in providing excellent education from a Christian perspective. At our booth, you will find lesson plans, teaching aids, and digital options, all a part of a proven curriculum designed to help any level of teacher achieve success from the start. Each preschool­ through 12th grade product is based on extensive research and development and is grounded in a Biblical worldview.

Website: www.abeka.com
Contact: Ariana Nieves, Conventions Office Assistant, conventions@abeka.com

A Reason For is a 50-year-old educational publishing company. Our name says it all: our faith in God is the reason for everything we do. Our Scripture-based, academically superior programs in Handwriting, Spelling, Science, and Reading have engaged countless young people, helping them to maximize their academic potential and realize the relevance of their faith in every day life, while pointing to God as the source of all wisdom.

Website: www.areasonfor.com
Contact: Brandi Perkins, Director of Sales, brandi@areasonfor.com

Flint is an AI platform built for independent schools. With Flint, teachers can use AI to personalize learning according to custom materials and learning objectives, and administrators can ensure that student use of AI is monitored while sensitive data is protected.

Website: www.flintk12.com
Contact: Sohan Choudhury, Co-Found & CEO, sohan@flintk12.com

Our program equips students with the skills necessary to build healthy relationships, manage stress, improve focus, academic performance, and reduce disruptive behavior.

Website: www.friendzy.co
Contact: Barbara Kindler Gaines, Executive Assistant, barbara@friendzy.co

We are dedicated to forging partnerships with independent schools nationwide to catalyze student learning and teacher development. Anchored in research that affirms learning as a social, communal activity – and our easy-to-use platform empowers teachers to embark on enriching journeys WITH their students, yet unconstrained by time and distance. Optima has developed the most extensive immersive Web 3.0 educational content library in existence, and our platform provides teachers with a full range of classroom management tools to guide productive and efficient student learning experiences. Our goal is simple – we want to bring web 3.0 to your fingertips and equip educators with the resources to excel in their craft and do what they do best – inspire the next generation.

Website: www.optimaindependent.com
Contact: Alyssa Finneyfrock, Head of Optima Independent, afinneyfrock@optimaed.com

Program that trains teachers to teach and measure face-to-face communication skills to students who would rather text than talk! PD + Student Materials are all research backed and have been used by 50+ independent schools. Multiple levels, best for grades 5-10. Learn more at www.REALdiscussion.org.

Website: www.realdiscussion.org
Contact: Liza Garonzik, Founder, liza@realdiscussion.org

Sadlier School programs offer strong instructional support to help students reach their full potential in school and throughout life. William H, Sadlier, Inc. is a recognized and respected publisher of print and online educational materials for pre-K3 to 12th grade. Since 1832 Sadlier’s pursuit of excellence has been driven by a commitment to meet the needs of the educational community.

Website: www.sadlier.com
Contact: Lisa Satory, Sales Representative, lsatory@sadlier.com

The Math Learning Center (MLC) is a nonprofit organization serving the education community. Our mission is to inspire and enable all individuals to discover and develop their mathematical confidence and ability. We offer innovative and standards-based curriculum, resources, and professional development. Our products and services are used by educators throughout the United States and in many international locations.

Website: www.mathlearningcenter.org
Contact: Mei Yong, Event Manager, meiy@mathlearningcenter.org

Loved by 40,000+ educators around the world, Toddle is an all-in-one teaching & learning platform for independent schools. Toddle empowers teaching teams to work together and better for curriculum planning, student portfolios, assessments, reports, family communication, and streamlined accreditation – all from one intuitive interface.

Website: www.toddleapp.com
Contact: Arpita Sharma, Growth Lead, arpita.sharma@toddleapp.com