NOTE: This is an abbreviated list of documents taken from the indicators. The absence of the documents may delay the accreditation process. 

Communication to and from community resources such as police, fire department, city/urban planning offices, child protective services, state and local emergency management, mental health resources, and other agencies and service providers as appropriate.  Relevant examples of communication with various stakeholders. 

Other documents that may be used to show evidence of compliance with indicators: 

  • Volunteer guidelines and/or handbook  
  • News stories 
  • Exit interviews
  • Coffee talks 
  • Focus groups  
  • Surveys  
  • Newsletters 
  • Parent night schedules
  • Emails 
  • Social media  
  • Publications, Magazine 
  • Communications schedules and plans  
  • Minutes from parent meetings
  • Minutes from administrative meetings where parent input is discussed  
  • Statements in handbooks indicating relationships with community resources  
  • Note that confidential examples of medical or other referrals need NOT be shared  
  • Website content 
  • Survey data and analysis
  • Examples of database information 
  • Examples of how information gathered are used for school improvement and mission fulfillment