Academic Support Conference | History


Sheraton Charlotte  – Charlotte, NC
Attendees: 171


  • Jessica Minahan: Practical Strategies to Reduce Anxiety & Challenging Behavior
  • Marydee Sklar: The Missing Link for Student Success: Executive Functions


  • Jessica Minahan: Increasing Student Engagement & Reducing Oppositional Behavior
  • Scott Hamilton: Uncovering Dyscalculia & Math Learning Disorders & A Deeper Understanding of Pyschoeducational Assessment Reports
  • Laura Portwood & Robin Talamo: Providing Parent Education With a Partnership Perspective
  • Mike Frawley: Empowering Students With Assistive Technology
  • Mike Gwaltney: Authentic Assessment for the Learners We Have
  • Carolyn Kruk & Kristin McMurrer: Strategies for Applying Executive Function Skills Across the Curriculum

Sponsor: ISM



Attendees: 279


  • Jonathan Mooney: Normal Sucks
  • Suzanne Billips & Kathy Gillespie: Raising the Bar


  • Andrew Ayers & Amelia Glauber: Executive Functioning and Anxiety
  • Lee-Ann Mertzlufft: Everyday Technology for Students With Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
  • Victoria Brickenden & Scott Goode: Take This Down: Supporting Students Who Struggle With Taking Notes
  • Megan Mann & Kimbrell Teegarden: Sailing Rough Seas: Helping Dyslexic Elementary School Students Navigate and Prevent Anxiety & Stress
  • Glynis Hill-Chandler & Laura Tierney: The Importance of Social-Emotional Learning for Students: Partnering With The Social Institute to Provide SEL Programming for Schools and Families
  • Debra Wilson: Legal Issues in Academic Support


Crowne Plaza Ravinia  – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 247


  • Josh Clark: Think Differently About Dyslexia
  • Debra Wilson: Legal Issues Impacting Academic Support in Independent Schools
  • Erika Letsinger & Susan Lancaster: Get a Move On
  • Marcus Soutra: Unlocking Greatness: Empowering Students Who Learn Differently


  • Josh Clark: Be True to Your School
  • Margaret Gunter, Allyson Campbell, & Laura Fillyaw: Using Technology to Differentiate
  • Tara Terry & Tom Pittard: Your Brain on Math: It All Adds Up
  • Kathleen Bukowski & Scott Hamilton: Renewable Synergy: Effective Independent School-Community Provider Partnerships
  • Lane Abrams: The Impact of Learning Difference s on Executive Functioning
  • Connie White: Technology Tools for Students With Learning Differences
  • Fran Linley & Dina Stevenson: Learning for ALL Learners: Best Practices for Specialists, Teachers, and Students
  • Miranda Forman: Beyond the Graphic Organizer: Writing Strategies and Technology
  • Lyle Davis: Navigating the Sea of Learning Disabilities Without Watering Down the Curriculum



Franklin Marriott Cool Springs  – Franklin, TN
Attendees: 241


  • Jeffrey Mitchell: Now That You Have More Students With Learning Differences in Your School…
  • Laurie Cutting: Cognitive and Neurobiological Processes in Reading Development: The Science Behind Reading Disabilities
  • Tim Odegard: Unraveling the Puzzle of Dyslexia
  • Jackie Klaver: Neuropsychology of Concussion: From Bump Back to School
  • Scott Hamilton: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Psychoeducational Assessments
  • Kimberly Carraway: Putting It Into Practice: Practical Teaching Strategies

Exhibitor: Revolution Prep