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ChatGPT: Understanding the tool and implications for our classrooms

ChatGPT. By now you’ve probably heard of this latest innovation of artificial intelligence and maybe even seen examples or played with it yourself. We’ve collected several resources to help schools understand the technology and its capabilities and drawbacks, as well […]

Webinar Recording – How to Conduct an Effective Classroom Walkthrough

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The Resiliency Boys Need

Adolescents worldwide had been struggling with mental health issues pre-pandemic. Now, of course, these struggles have become far worse. Boys are far less likely to admit to mental health struggles, let alone to seek help, than are girls. Research shows, […]

2023 SAIS Winter Conferences

Webinar Recording – Book Club With Author Michael Horn

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Winter Conference Preview: Helping All Learners SOAR 

We all know the Tina Turner song “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” In my work, I’ve changed this foundational question to be, “What’s self-esteem got to do with it?” For a child who struggles to learn, the answer […]

Learning Restoration in the Covid Era: A Study of SAIS Member Schools

The impact of the COVID pandemic on student learning continues to provoke expressions of deep concern. In this paper we use ERB test data to compare the impact on student learning from the initial closure of schools in March 2020 […]

From Triage to Transforming: A Whole-School Approach to Well-Being

This workshop will provide educational leaders with a clear framework for building mental health awareness, self-reflection, and empowerment in their students, thereby improving their ability to thrive in their lives in the long-term. Participants will learn how and why current […]

Webinar Recording – “Subject” for Independent Schools

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Academic Support Roundtable

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