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Admin Assistants Roundtable Recording – April 12, 2022

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Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Federal & State Privacy Law Changes – The Importance of Planning Ahead April 28 | 12 PM Eastern / 11 AM Central The first webinar in this series will discuss federal and state privacy laws. With cross-party support for a federal […]

School Wellness Trends You Can’t Ignore

Stress is up, wellness is down, and school leaders need to act. We’re rapidly approaching some of the hardest school months. Tests, prom, and graduation are hallmarks of the spring semester—but are often accompanied by stress, social conflicts, and rising […]

Ten Steps to Effective Hiring

Hiring the best candidate is the ultimate goal of the hiring process. It provides an opportunity for a school to learn if the candidate is the right fit for the school, and for the candidate to evaluate if the school […]

Parent-Teacher Conferences

As fall and spring mainstays, most schools employ parent-teacher conferences as face-to-face opportunities to share student progress with parents. While the pandemic required creative alternatives to the traditional parent-teacher conference, the following strategies are helpful for both virtual and in-person […]

Resources for Administrative Assistants

Hiring: Best Practices for Background and Reference Checks

A key component of hiring the right person is asking the right questions during background and reference checks. It can be challenging to ascertain what you want to know without accidentally eliciting information you aren’t legally allowed to consider. Join […]

2022 Institute for Administrative Assistants

This program provides practical resources, helpful tips, and networking opportunities for administrative assistants in an independent school, whether serving in a department, division, or the head’s office. Learn practical strategies for handling the types of issues related to supporting an […]

Conflict of Interest Policy Sample

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Admin Assistants Roundtable

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