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Recruiting for Board Diversity

This workshop will present a recruitment process that has been implemented by many schools to expand and diversify their boards. It will include steps for identifying the characteristics, skills, and perspectives needed as well as suggestions for where to find […]

Webinar Recording – Trustee Tune-Up, Financial Wellness for Trustees

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Beyond Salary for Heads of School Packages

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Working Through Conflict With the Board

SAIS reached out to Annual Conference speakers, Anne-Marie Balzano and Arti Betof of Mission & Data to tap their expertise in addressing conflict on the board and how to move forward in a positive direction. Anne-Marie Balzano brings a wealth […]

SAIS Accreditation Standards, Indicators, Required and Suggested Documentation

We also have a Word (Docx) version available for download.

Events and Resources for Trustees

SAIS is committed to providing you with tools and resources your school can use to turn challenges into opportunities. Browse our curated tools, publications, and sample policies and templates to help your school succeed.

2021 Board/Head Workshop

Tap Dancing on Marbles: Leadership, Governance, and Stewardship This interactive session for heads and trustees will unpack how leadership, governance, financial sustainability, and organizational stewardship intersect. At the core of this work is mission-driven, data-informed decision making. Schools have always been […]

SAIS eNewsletter Archives

SAIS produces periodic eNewsletters as a service to our membership. Browse the archives below to view past issues and articles. 2021 eNewsletters December 2, 2021Headlines: President’s Letter, FastStats: Financial Health Trends, Getting Your Financial House in Order, Financial Wellness, Traditions […]

Trustee Training: Financial Wellness for Trustees & School Leaders

Is your school’s current trajectory sustainable in the long-term? What actions can you take in the next five years to ensure future choices? John Gulla (EE Ford) will share the culture and indicia of sustainable and unsustainable schools. He will offer […]

Tuition and Fees: Contracts and Community Considerations

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