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Are Print Books Better for Learning Than Digital Texts?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: it depends upon your ultimate intention. Space: The Hidden Dimension Within the brain, the hippocampus is our gateway to memory. Essentially, all new information must pass through this neural structure in order to […]

Accessible, Actionable, and Empowering: An Interview with Devorah Heitner on Digital Well-Being

Devorah Heitner, author of Screenwise and the forthcoming book Growing up in Public: Coming Of Age In A Digital World, shares her thoughts on supporting parents, educators, and mentoring our students in the digital age.  Why is the digital well-being […]

Talking to Kids About Violence

Reassuring children that they are safe and making time to talk are just a few suggestions for helping students cope with violence in their local community and wider world. The following resources offer age appropriate suggestions for teachers and parents […]

Samples of Parent Association Bylaws

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Webinar Recording – Social/Emotional Milestones in the Digital Age

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Beyond the Open House: A Follow-Up With Randolph School

In 2017, NAIS published this piece titled “Beyond the Open House: How Schools Makes Parent Engagement Fun & Effective” in their Independent Ideas blog. SAIS member Randolph School is featured so we contacted them for an update on parent engagement strategies during COVID. […]

Parent Resources & Recordings

12/1/2020 Webinar for Parents and College Counselors: Who Gets In and Why: An Inside Look at College Admissions In this conversation with SAIS President Debra Wilson, Jeff Selingo dispelled the entrenched notions of how to compete and win at the […]

IAA Institute for Administrative Assistance (Test Event)

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Non-Compliance Inquiry

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