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Summer 2024 Book List

Leadership & Governance Teaching & Learning Community & Connection Brand & Communication 2023 Summer Reading List for Faculty and School Leaders SAIS

Webinar Recording – Navigating Difficult Conversations

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Introducing the New SAIS Member Compass

New year, new toys! In an effort to serve members better, SAIS recently completed a database upgrade and we are excited to introduce a new member compass as part of the SAIS website. You will need to reset your password to access the […]

Webinar Recording – Revealing 2023’s Biggest Trends With Students, Tech, & Social Media

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Webinar Recording – Leading With Intention: Crafting & Nurturing Authentic Core Values

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Webinar Recording – Supporting the Needs of All Students

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Women’s Leadership Institute

A day for women leaders in independent schools to cultivate leadership skills around confidence, authenticity, and resilience. Experience a day of empowerment and growth while renewing your sense of purpose.  Speaker Rebecca Malotke-MeslinLeadership Coach, Pleasantly Aggressive Registration Member Non-Member School Through Jan […]

Webinar Recording – Institute for New Teachers | Supervisor Info Session

Discover what your new teacher will learn and experience at the institute this summer. We provide an agenda of their day, an overview of the content for the general sessions, and a list of questions and follow up resources for […]

Boundaries for Educators in a Kid’s World

Join this interactive webinar as we explore the crucial topic of boundaries for educators in a children’s world. We will discuss these six topics explaining why establishing clear boundaries is essential: Our unique work environment PreK-12 student statistics about our […]

Are Print Books Better for Learning Than Digital Texts?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: it depends upon your ultimate intention. Space: The Hidden Dimension Within the brain, the hippocampus is our gateway to memory. Essentially, all new information must pass through this neural structure in order to […]