In the dynamic landscape of independent schools, achieving financial success while staying true to your mission is a multifaceted challenge. Are independent schools businesses? The answer is both yes and no.

Join this insightful webinar to explore the intersection of financial success and mission fulfillment. This webinar is designed with new leaders in mind, focusing on the crucial distinction between capital and operational aspects of school budgets. We’ll delve into how your budget can be a powerful tool for expressing what truly matters to your school. More than just numbers; the budget reflects your priorities, values, and vision.

Additionally, one of the most critical skills for heads of school is effectively presenting your budget to your CEO. This webinar will share strategies and techniques to effectively communicate the financial story of your school in a compelling and strategic manner. You will leave this session with insights and strategies to navigate the intricate balance between financial health and mission fulfillment, ensuring that your school thrives in both aspects.

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  • Free for participants from SAIS member schools
  • $25 for participants from non-member schools

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Toni Boyd
Vice President for Finance & Operations, The Westminster Schools

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