A great deal is asked of teachers and the demands seem only to increase. Faced with widening student learning profiles, teachers are pressed to continuously expand their toolbox to differentiate instruction to meet those needs. And as schools work to get better at supporting the diverse identities and cultures of their students, teachers are feeling an urgent need to develop their cultural competency in choosing content and pedagogy. To be clear, teachers want to support the full range of needs of their students, but are faced with multiple demands, and not enough time. Part of the struggle is the time required to design separate elements for each of the various needs in the classroom. Here is where Universal Design for Learning comes in. UDL is an overarching approach to planning lessons that can flex to meet the diverse needs of your students. Join this webinar to learn how Universal Design can support your lesson design process to meet a wider range of student cognitive profiles and respond more effectively to students’ cultural perspectives.

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Allen Broyles
Managing Director, MehtaCognition

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