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Service and Emotional Support Animals on Campus

Confusion may occur when families inquire about having animals on campus. This article from the ADA outlines an explanation of service vs. support animals, responsibilities of handlers, where they are allowed and under what conditions. In this legal advisory written […]

Leadership Transition Checklist

SAIS has developed resources for outgoing heads, incoming heads, boards, and other departments in the school community for reference during a leadership transition. This checklist is a simplified version of those resources. You may access the full list at […]

Investing in Early-Career Teachers

By Meera Shah, Trey Education That First Year I became an independent school teacher via the typical script. I was a bright and eager engineering major right out of college who had no background in education and whose only teaching […]

SAIS Accreditation: Jumping Through Hoops or Getting Engaged?

By Joanne Andruscavage, Director of Accreditation, SAIS When you read the word “accreditation,” what comes to mind? Dread? Drudgery? A series of hoops your school must jump through to earn recognition? A certificate? What’s your “elevator speech” about your school’s […]

News – From SAIS President Debra Wilson – May 2022

Hello Friends! Welcome to May. This month seems to get longer every year, but after writing about the challenges of May in our last HeadLines, I want to focus on what is amazing about this time of year. For me, […]

School Stories: The Mount Vernon School’s Innovation Diploma

By Brad Droke, The Mount Vernon School In the spring of 2014, Mount Vernon Ventures at The Mount Vernon School hosted an event called the Council on Innovation, where several groups of students were assembled to engage in a design […]

Mental Health of Student-Athletes

By Danielle Vallas and Gabriella Pelosi, D&G Wellness Consulting Katie Meyer, a senior studying international relations at Stanford University, was a dynamic student-athlete serving as goalkeeper and captain for the women’s soccer team. Katie died by suicide on March 1, […]

FastStats: Impact of the Pandemic on Important School Indicators (Revisited)

By Jeff Mitchell, Currey Ingram Academy In May of 2021, I wrote a FastStats highlighting the Impact of the Pandemic on Important School Indicators. With the world moving so fast, including for our schools, it is not too soon for […]

Work and Wellness at Ravenscroft

By Kendra Varnell and Justin Brandon, Ravenscroft School Given the unprecedented circumstances of the last two years, there is hardly disagreement that the unique consideration of teachers’ needs and well-being is not just important but required. The challenges facing all […]

News – From SAIS President Debra Wilson – April 2022

Hello Friends! Many lunch hours find me walking the dogs across the shared green space in the middle of our neighborhood. It’s one of those enclaves that you don’t know exists if you do not live here, but it spans […]