Institute for Administrative Assistants | History


Cambria – Asheville, NC
Attendees: 68

General Sessions:

  • Elizabeth Maglio: Welcome & Introductions
  • Elizabeth Maglio: Building the Best Possible Relationship With Your Boss
  • Jeremy Burrows: How to Uproot What Holds You Back
  • Clay Gibney: Essential Technology Tools That Empower Admin Assistants
  • Evan Harris: Utilizing AI to Enhance Efficiency
  • Flekeda Gilliam: Critical Conversations


  • Mary Leslie Hardy: Best Practices for the Head of School Assistant
  • Betsy Knight: Best Practices for Admin Assistants


Art Ovation – Sarasota, FL
Attendees: 69

General Sessions:

  • Rob Evans & Michael Thompson: Are You Back to Normal?
  • Jessy Molina: Reducing the Impact of Implicit Bias
  • Debra Wilson: Legal Insights Administrative Assistants Can Use
  • Amber Stockham: Self-Care in a Mission-Driven Environment
  • Anne Wiles: Financial Literacy for Administrative Professionals


  • Julie Russell: Best Practices for Governance & Working With the Board
  • Lisa Edenfield: Soft Skills for the Professional Assistant
  • Wellness Breakouts: Zumba & Marina Walk


Crowne Plaza Ravinia – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 33

General Sessions:

  • Rob Evans & Michael Thompson: Well-Being and Self-Care
  • Erica Zematis: Upping Your Skills for Higher-Level Support
  • Toni Boyd: Financial Literacy for Administrative Assistants
  • Clay Gibney: Navigating SAIS Websites and Resources
  • Kathy Corwin, Sarah Murphy, Patrice Worley (Panelists): Head of School Transitions


  • Erica Zematis: Maintaining a Positive Relationship With Your Head of School
  • Clay Gibney: Spreadsheet Tips for the Busy Admin Assistant
  • Wellness Breakouts: Yoga & Trail Walk


SpringHill Suites Greenville – Greenville, SC
Attendees: 38

  • Rob Evans & Michael Thompson: A Year Like No Other: Being at the Heart of the School During COVID
  • Lisa Branham: Small Changes, Big Successes
  • Sheri Burkeen: Claim Your Strengths and WOOP It Up!
  • Nic Finelli:
    • Organizing, Planning, and Managing Calendars & Mail
    • Sharing & Managing Files in Cloud Storage + Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Creating Custom Forms & Surveys
    • Spreadsheets & Data
    • Designing Documents & Presentations


Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach Resort – Clearwater, FL
Attendees: 60

  • Rob Evans and Michael Thompson, Marriage Manual: Developing a Good Working Relationship With Your Administrator
  • Sheri Burkeen, Understanding Self and Others
  • Rebecca Avery & Selby Whitbeck, First and Last: Perspectives from the Newbie and the Pro
  • Devon Gregory, Campus Safety: Our Unique Perspective
  • Scott & Tammy Barron, A Culture of Servant Leadership
  • LaKisha Kinsey-Sallis, Understanding Legal Implications from the School Office
  • Clay Gibney, Tips and Tricks With Everyday Tech
  • Sheri Burkeen, Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Sheri Burkeen, Hostess With the Mostess


Renaissance Asheville Hotel – Asheville, NC
Attendees: 57

Speakers: Palmer Ball, Sheri Burkeen, Charissa Giannopolous, Candice Pinares-Baez, and Ken Rogers

  • School Finance 101
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Is it Secret, Personal, Private, or Confidential?
  • Surviving a Bear Attack
  • Setting Boundaries & Saying No
  • Design Like a Pro

Institute for the Head’s Assistant


Emory Conference Center & Hotel – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 47

Speakers: Rob Evans, Michael Thompson, and others/panelists

  • SAIS 101
  • Facilitate Discussion: Responsibilities of the Role
  • Tips & Tricks Smackdown
  • Making It Up As You Go: Coping with the Unplannable
  • Strengthening Your Relationship with the Head
  • Managing the Sane, the Crazy, and Everyone in Between
  • Change & Crisis: When the Head is Going or Coming – or in Trouble
  • Being Your Best Self


Emory Conference Center & Hotel – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 35

Speakers: Rob Evans, Michael Thompson, and others/panelists

  • Introduction to SAIS
  • Panel Discussion: Ask the Experts
  • Panel Discussion: Your Toolbox / Going Google
  • Making It Up As You Go: Coping With the Unplannable
  • Turning Up the “Marriage” – Resetting Expectations With the Head
  • Dealing With Difficult People – Foolproof Basic Principles
  • Change at the Top – Working With a New Regime
  • Being Your Best Self


Emory Conference Center & Hotel – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 59

  • Kay Betts
    • Your Working / Thinking / Learning Style
    • Your Toolbox
  • Rob Evans and Michael Thompson
    • Managing Up: Coaching Your Head of School
    • The Power in Front of the Throne: Challenge & Opportunity
    • How to be a Problem-Solver But Not a Burden-Bearer
    • Taking Care of Self: Where Does the Go-To Person Go for Support?