Institute for Athletic Directors | History


Sheraton Charlotte  – Charlotte, NC
Attendees: 32


  • Andrew Reiner: Ted Lasso Gets It: What Student Athletes Need to Thrive
  • Mike Ellson: Lessons Learned From 35 Years as an Athletic Administrator


  • Andrew Reiner: Walking the Lasso Talk
  • Jen Brooks: The Power of Being the Only Woman in the Room
  • Tim Green: Athletic Directors: What the HOS Wants You to Know
  • Carolyn Sideco: Hiring & Onboarding Coaches: Building the Team
  • Gabriel Robison: Building an Inclusive Athletic Department

Sponsor: ISM


Attendees: 70


  • Gregory Dale: The Art of Coaching: Strategies for Developing Confident and Coachable Athletes
  • Positive Coaching Alliance: Sports Can Battle Racism
  • Julie McCleery & Hannah Olson: A Coach Development Approach to Support Ambitious Coaching


  • Kelly Fish & Reid McFadden: Making the Most of Middle School Athletics
  • Bryan Rutledge & Catherine Sawyer: Tips for Building a Strong Relationship Between Athletics and College Counseling
  • Mike Ellson: InSideOut Initiative
  • Ira Childress: Athletics Fundraising

Sponsored Instructional Sessions:

  • Facility Armor: Developing a Social Media Presence for Your Athletic Program
  • 3R Sports Graphics: Defense is the Best Offense: Armoring Your Facility



Crowne Plaza Ravinia  – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 55

  • Mike Ellson: Tools for Assessing Your Athletic Program
  • Mike Ellson & Matt Blundin: The Art of Coaching
  • Scott Dorsett & Jenna Jones: Legal Duties – They Do Matter in Athletics
  • Blake Davenport & Gary Nelson: Leadership Development in Student Athletes
  • Jacob von Scherrer: Best Practices for Creating a Championship Program



Franklin Marriott Cool Springs  – Franklin, TN
Attendees: 47

  • Scott Hearon: Leading With the Heart: The Core of Transformational Leadership
  • Kent Harrison: Head of School Expectations for the Athletic Director
  • Dana Shaw: Interscholastic Athletics and Title IX
  • Mike Ellson: Developing Positive Relationships With Public School Athletic Administrators
  • Fred Eaves & Kelly Fish: Getting the Most From Your Assistant AD
  • Scott Dorsett: Dealing With Challenging Personalities



Crowne Plaza Charlotte Executive Park  – Charlotte, NC
Attendees: 57


  • Pamela Herath: Athletic Directors: Leaders & Culture Keepers
  • Jon Dorminey & Clint Morgan: Athletic Director Duties: What They Don’t Tell You!
  • Damian Kavanagh: Budgeting Practices for Athletic Departments
  • Lenny Paoletti: How to Manage the Logistical Nightmare


  • Michael Flynn: Developing the Moral Thought Process of Student Athletes
  • Pamela Herath: Women in Leadership: Assets & Challenges
  • Tom Densford: Four Easy Ways to Control Your Message
  • Fred Eaves: Unified, Not Uniform: Developing the Multi-Sport Athlete at a Small Independent School



Crowne Plaza Ravinia  – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 59


  • Matt Scully & Ryan Welsh: Institutionalizing Innovation
  • Cecil Stodghill & Kristin Watts: Ensuring Mission in Admissions of Athletes
  • Heather Broadwater: Peyton’s Place: Lessons From Locker Room Controversy


  • Steve Henry: Evaluating Coaches: The Cornerstone of a Successful Program
  • Troy Baker & Katie Mahon: More Than a Game: How to Teach Global Citizenship Through Sport
  • Ernest Robertson: Enhancing the Parent-Coach Relationship
  • Steve Denny: Shaping Culture Through Marketing & Branding



Crowne Plaza Ravinia – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 76

  • Lee Burns: 21st Century Athletic Programs: How Independent Schools Can Effectively Use Athletics to Support the Broader School Mission
  • Jeff Walrich: Social Media & Marketing for Athletic Programs
  • Donna Hays & Anna Moore: Concussions in High School Athletics and Proper “Return to Learn” Protocols
  • John Cooper: Current Legal Issues With High School Athletics

Exhibitor: PV Designs