SAIS Listserv Email Addresses

The following are the special email addresses for each SAIS listserv. You must be an approved member of the listserv in order to have your email delivered. Non-member emails are ignored. 

Note: If you would like to have users respond to you privately, we recommend including your email and/or phone number in your message along with a note that you’re happy to be contacted privately, as otherwise, replies will always go to the entire group.

2021 Institute for New Teachers:

2021 New School Admins: 21newadmins@sais-org

Academic Support:


Accreditation Chairs:

Admin Assistants:



Assistant Heads:

Athletic Directors:

Communications Directors:



Ed Tech:



Lower School Heads:

Middle School Heads:

School Counselors:

Small Schools:

Upper School Heads:

You can also review previous messages via the Topicbox website here:

If you visit the Topicbox website, the system will need to email you an access code to get in. Once in, you can set a permanent password for the site via the ‘Profile & Settings’ screen, which I recommend doing as it makes future visits faster and easier. The guidelines and terms of use are included below. While they are all important, please call your attention especially to the ones in purple as you start using this platform.

SAIS Listservs: Guidelines

1. Please message only the listserv email address. No other email addresses outside of the listserv may be copied when sending or replying to a message.

2. When replying to a message, remember that your response will be viewed by the entire group.

3.  Send thank you messages to individuals privately, not to the entire list.

4. Use clear, descriptive subjects for your messages. When you initiate a new discussion or request, an appropriate subject line will help garner better responses.

5. Please review and follow the terms of use.

6. If you have questions about the SAIS listserv, email

7. At the bottom of every listserv email you’ll see a link to “modify your subscription.” The default setting is to receive each listserv message as it is sent, but you may modify your settings to receive either a daily or weekly digest.

8. The listservs are a place to exchange ideas and are to be free from solicitations. 

9. ANTI–TRUST AWARENESS: There is a chance that some conversations may slip into areas that broach on anti-trust, anti-competitive practices, price fixing, or another subject that could jeopardize the group. AVOID questions/conversations that have to do with any of the following: fees (tuition increases, salaries, charges for auxiliary operations, etc), raises (specific compensation, raise amounts, etc), dividing customers or territories (in our case, this would mostly apply to students and offers of admissions), and personnel issues or issues that identify an individual. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but to provide a basis for the members of the listserv to police each other and to provide the grounds under which SAIS might suspend a listserv.

Those violating any of these guidelines may have their listserv access privileges temporarily or permanently suspended.