Leadership Retreat | History


Embassy Suites – Louisville, KY
Attendees: 29

Speaker: Grant Lichtman

  • The Big Picture: The Why, What, How, and Future of Education
  • Pushing Our Horizons
  • How Successful Schools Are Changing
  • Sandbox Learning: What Do You Need? What Can You Share?

Heads Leadership Retreat


Andaz Savannah – Savannah, GA
Attendees: 26

Speaker: Korrel Kanoy from Developmental Associates

  • Overview of Risk in Leadership & the Risk Type Compass (RTC)
  • Understanding Your Risk Type, Others’ Risk Types, and What That Means for Decision-Making and Leadership at Your School
  • Reflections: How Risk Type & Attitude Influence Behavior
  • Future Planning: Putting RTC Results Into Action


Hyatt Place Asheville – Asheville, NC
Attendees: 37

Speakers: Vips Kapadia and Matt Hawkins

  • Leadership Challenges You Are Experiencing
  • Leading Starts From Within – The Way You Think
  • Applying the Whole Brain

Sponsor: Southern Teachers Agency


Union Station Hotel – Nashville, TN
Attendees: 29

Speaker: Al Calarco from CCL

  • Lessons About Leadership
  • DAC (Direction, Alignment, Commitment)
  • Strategy as a Learning Process: Thinking, Acting, and Influencing
  • Political Savvy
  • Change Style Indicator: Managing Change and Transition
  • BSL (Boundary Spanning Leadership)
  • Commitment Statements



Francis Marion Hotel – Charleston, SC
Attendees: 32

Speaker: Ian Symmonds

  • Exploring Leadership
  • State of the Industry in Independent School Leadership
  • Creating Sustainable Leadership
  • Moving from Theory to Practice