The Questions on Student Safety for Accreditation Consideration are designed to guide schools through addressing several accreditation standards and indicators related to the safety of students.

The following resources address several questions on student safety:

The following resources address specific items within the Questions on Student Safety document:

Definition of child abuse:

Definitions of Child Abuse and Neglect Children’s Bureau

Policy describing commitment to prevention and response:

Communicating Your Abuse Prevention Commitment Praesidium

Structured procedures for reporting suspected or disclosed maltreatment or abuse:

Each state may have its own reporting guidelines and training:

Specific child protection policies, practices, and faculty and staff training programs to ensure the safety and welfare of all students, including as appropriate: trips, student exchanges, boarding facilities, homestay and residential arrangements:

Formal procedures for determining the character of adults who interact with students, including references and background checks:

Training for all adults who have unsupervised contact with students on boundary setting between adults and students, recognition, intervention, reporting, and responding to allegations of sexual misconduct:

Developmentally-appropriate training for students on recognizing and reporting sexual misconduct:

Student safety plan addresses clear lines of responsibility, procedures for both immediate and follow-up actions, a communication plan, identification of community and outside resources, and a record of actions taken: