Overview of Effective Boards

This video provides an overview of how highly effective independent school boards operate and fit into the wider picture of independent schools. Viewers will take away a concrete understanding of the six fundamental characteristics of how independent school boards operate in partnership and trust with the head of school and school leadership. (Click here to view in separate window)

Effective Board Rooms

This video provides a more in-depth look at how the practices of highly effective boards come into play on routine issues such as the head of school’s contract, the budget, teacher complaints, staff hiring and other common issues. Guidance is provided to help boards and school leaders understand how the board’s work as stewards of the school allows them to gain insight into common issues without crossing the line into school operations. (Click here to view in separate window)

Board Actions / Handling Complaints

This video takes a close look at how complaints to board members should be managed. These situations are particularly complex because of the visibility of trustees in the school community. Using case studies, viewers walk through common scenarios that can be complex for board members to manage in the moment. This video includes specific steps board members can take when approached by parents with complaints. Boards may wish to follow up on this video with role playing exercises to try out this skill. (Click here to view in separate window)

Additional Situations / Case Studies

This video takes trustees through additional case studies that can derail healthy board or school operations. These case studies are fairly common and include email campaigns, issues with major donors, trustee meetings with parents, and providing support to the head of school in the face of community concerns. The case studies provide specific ways in which trustees may respond to complex situations and act consistently with the practices of highly effective boards. (Click here to view in separate window)