June 23, 2021

Hello Friends!

My sincerest hope is that this message finds you either on a break and therefore reading this email as part of your leisure reading or in your catch-up pile for later this summer or as you are heading out the door for some much deserved time away as you recuperate from the challenges of the last seventeen months. Our regular eNewsletter will return in August.

We at SAIS are in the midst of our first forays back to face-to-face adult learning this summer and enjoying seeing so many familiar faces in-person. We had our first event last week which was our Administrative Leadership Institute with Rob Evans and Michael Thompson. There is something fundamentally calming about being with Rob and Michael, a feeling for which I am particularly grateful this year.

However, I have to tell you that listening to our administrative leaders at this event and hearing the compassion, thoughtfulness, and care they bring to this work reminded me once again of how fortunate we all our to work in an industry where the needs of our students and communities are foremost in the minds of great and often inspired people applying their talents in our schools to truly do good. The obstacles of this past year and the sheer exhaustion may have made this fundamental trait easier to overlook, but when I listen to these voices and think back over the past year, I am in awe of what you have accomplished and so appreciative of being a part of this work.

Thank you for persevering through the year and providing such inspiration, and please do take that break.