This is a recording of the April 21, 2020, webinar, Independent Schools on the Brink: A Confidential Webinar for Schools Struggling to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic, featuring Ari Betof, John Gulla, Jim Hulbert, Kristen Power and Debra Wilson.

Numerous independent schools across the nation entered the COVID-19 global pandemic on thin ice and struggling with issues of viability. Like a plane headed for a mountain, the only possibilities are to dramatically alter course and pull up before it is too late or realize a crash is inevitable and soften the landing as much as possible. No leadership team or board wants to acknowledge that their school may not (or will not) survive. True stewardship involves being honest and forthright about the universe of possible and impossible futures for the school both as a nonprofit organization and as an educational community. The expert panel discussed tangible steps schools should consider in this moment of extreme challenge.


Webinar Recording

This webinar was co-hosted by independent school associations around the country.