With more than 28,000 responses to our updated survey, the need for social-emotional support and staff diversity are evident.

Students indicate a need for both social-emotional learning in the school program and a need for more support of their social-emotional well-being. These needs are not as evident with the parent and faculty/staff groups signaling a possible disconnect between the adults and students in our school communities.

Survey demographics show a lack of racial diversity in the families and staff in our school communities. Survey responses indicate that all groups view gender and racial diversity of the faculty as less than expected.

SAIS has been assisting schools in gathering stakeholder feedback since 2014 with the pilot of the Value Narrative Survey. In the summer of 2021, the Value Narrative Survey was updated to reflect current events and concerns that schools are facing. The new School Community Feedback Survey was launched in the Fall of 2021. From September 2021 through June 2022, 48 schools deployed the survey with their communities. In all, the following responses were received:

  • 28,000 responses
  • 15,000 parents
  • 3,700 faculty and staff
  • 9,400 students

Surveys are sent to individual email addresses provided by the school and completed entirely online. Average response rate for the parent group is 41%.

Demographics are collected including school division, years in the school community, race/ethnicity, and others. This information helps schools to understand who completed their survey. This identifying information is presented in aggregate only so that all responders remain anonymous.

Respondents are asked to provide feedback in 11 different categories from mission and engagement to safety and security. Within each category are specific items where respondents indicate to what extent the school is meeting their expectations. Responders also answer whether they would recommend the school and have the opportunity to provide narrative comments. This is commonly known as the Net Promoter Score.