In developing this guiding document, SAIS consulted with heads and other key school leaders who have recently experienced a leadership transition. They were asked to review existing items and contribute additional items from their transition experience. This will be an evolving checklist for schools planning or working through a head’s transition.


Enrollment Management

  • Identify for the incoming head current enrollment goals.
  • Detail yield history, yield by division, and acceptance rate history.
  • Develop an overview of enrollment funnel history by grade.
  • Develop an overview of retention/re-recruitment rate by grade.

Financial Aid

  • Outline financial aid policies and historical data.
  • Detail the flow of financial aid by year and its impact on the financial sustainability of the school.

Marketing and Communication

  • Describe current market demographics.
  • Compile a list of competitor schools both public and private.
  • Review current and previous marketing campaigns.
  • Assess social media channels, usage, and reach.