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Are Print Books Better for Learning Than Digital Texts?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: it depends upon your ultimate intention. Space: The Hidden Dimension Within the brain, the hippocampus is our gateway to memory. Essentially, all new information must pass through this neural structure in order to […]

Big-Picture Reflections to Inform Your Faculty Onboarding (Re)Design

As we glimpse the month of May peeking over the horizon, many schools find themselves in that in-between season: we have nearly finished our recruitment cycle and have just a moment to catch our breath before welcoming all these new […]

Accessible, Actionable, and Empowering: An Interview with Devorah Heitner on Digital Well-Being

Devorah Heitner, author of Screenwise and the forthcoming book Growing up in Public: Coming Of Age In A Digital World,, shares her thoughts on supporting parents, educators, and mentoring our students in the digital age.  Why is the digital well-being […]

School Stories: Student Wellness Programs

Worry Free Wednesdays at Frederica Academy Rachael Lee, counselor at Frederica Academy (GA), explains one component of their student health and wellness program. The goal of “Worry Free Wednesday” is to promote and enhance student wellness, including mental, emotional, and […]

Faculty and Staff Hiring: A Concierge Approach

Amid a national teacher shortage and post-pandemic burnout, independent schools must adopt a mindshift when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent. Long-gone are the days of the “status-quo” hiring process and the belief that potential candidates would simply […]

Feedback as Furthering: The Three C’s

Tired of acronyms, alliteration, and other attempts at attention-catching organizing principles like “The Three C’s?” Thanks for the feedback. We’re not aware of a single best approach to providing—much less making good use of—feedback; in fact, we’re convinced that what […]

Engaging Challenging Parents

This article is based on a workshop presented by Stephenson and Kronsberg at the 2023 NAIS Annual Conference. Originally created by Stephenson in 2009, the goal of the workshop is to widen the lens of the conflict situation and ultimately […]

The Smartest Person in the Room

This article originally appeared on the RG175 Blog and is reprinted here with the author’s permission. I value humility in a leader. As an independent school search consultant, I associate humility with learning, and being a learner is one of […]

Vetting Candidates: Creating a Hiring Process that Prioritizes Student Safety  

Student safety and security is of paramount importance in independent schools. While the goal of a hiring process is primarily to find the best candidate for the position, it is imperative that schools also craft policies and develop processes that […]

The Head’s Role in Cultivating Leaders

By Derrick Willard, Head of School, Augusta Preparatory Day School When I took the job as head of school at Augusta Preparatory Day School (Georgia) in 2019, I was amused when a young student asked me, “Just what do you […]