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Starting a New Independent School

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Tax Credits and Vouchers: Funding for Independent Schools

Historically independent schools have maintained their independence by not accepting government funding at any level. It is a commonly held belief that government funding is accompanied by government regulation. It is the “strings attached” that create problems for independent schools […]

Perception of Independent School Value

In November 2006, a study was commissioned by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to assess the current opinions and perceptions of independent schools. This study, conducted by Shugoll Research, had the objectives of assessing attitudes toward quality objectives; […]

Tuition Discounting: A Discussion for Independent Schools

The practice of tuition discounting — charging different students different prices for the same educational opportunities — is a relatively recent feature of independent K-12 education. Most independent schools provide some amount of financial aid for students from families with […]

The Value Proposition for Independent Schools

Many independent school leaders experience anxiety over the prospect of losing enrollments. Given that independent schools are funded primarily through tuition revenue, financial sustainability is closely linked to enrolling sufficient numbers of “mission appropriate” students. With this in mind, it […]

The Head of School Evaluation Process

In an independent school, one of the primary responsibilities of the board of trustees is the hiring, nurturing, and evaluating of the head of school. The evaluation, when done correctly, enhances communication between the head and board around the school’s […]