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Use Your Values to Recharge and Get Re-Inspired for the Year Ahead

February 16, 2023, 4PM Eastern

For people like you who work to improve our world, it’s common to feel burned out, disconnected from your values, and unfulfilled—despite looking like you have it all. Even thinking about starting the annual cycle all over again can leave you uninspired. In this workshop, Mission Minded Founding Partner and Leadership Coach Jennie Winton will lead you through a series of exercises and conversations to help you tap into what you truly value so you feel excited about your work in the year ahead.

For all SAIS registrants – there will be free follow up workshop on February 17 at 12PM Eastern.

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Activate Agency: Mount Vernon Ventures Annual Conference

The Mount Vernon School, Atlanta, GA
March 31 – April 1, 2023

Mount Vernon Ventures invites you to join educators from around the country and throughout the world for a two-day fun-filled, transformative professional learning experience. Scheduled for March 31 and April 1, Mount Vernon Ventures Annual Conference will be held at The Mount Vernon School’s Atlanta-based Upper Campus.

Come to Atlanta ready to participate in interactive workshops in innovative spaces facilitated by people-centered educational experts. You will be equipped with tools, strategies, and systems for transforming teaching experiences and innovating programs within your own school.

This year’s conference theme is Activate Agency. Agency is having a sense of ownership of learning and being empowered to positively impact the world around you. Agency for all learners…students & adults…could never be more important than it is today.

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Cultivating Communities of Belonging


Designed to foster understanding and a sense of belonging for all community members, this course is for school communities to experience together on their journey towards racially equitable schools.
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