Summer Conference | History


Westin Sarasota – Sarasota, FL
Attendees: 131


  • Michael Tennant, Unlocking the Power of Empathy
  • Devorah Heitner, Growing Up in Public: Helping Kids Figure Out Who They Are When Everyone Is Watching
  • Jared Horvath, Your Brain, Your Life – How Stories Drive Perception


  • Michael Tennant, How Does Empathy Help You Live Your Values?
  • Allison Oakes, Creating a Master Schedule That Values Teachers
  • Meera Shah, Supporting Early-Career Teachers: A Strategic Investment
  • Jill Weinstein, Let’s Connect
  • Erin Beacham, Unlearning Early Messages of Bias
  • Micah Whitley, Weakest Link: Fixing Advisory for Good
  • Greg Chalfin, A Case Study: Using Crisis to Catalyze Innovation
  • Devorah Heitner, Emphasizing Character Over Consequences: When Students Mess Up Online
  • Amy Tomblinson, Supporting All Learners Through Differentiated Instruction
  • Jen Whitt, Putting Into Practice a Restorative Justice Model
  • Susanne Carpenter, Developing Internal Leaders: Growing Talent Within Your School
  • Tamara Hamilton, Meeting the Challenge of Change: An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
  • Jared Colley & Matt Scully, Artificial Intelligence: What’s Your Position, Not Your Policy
  • Mike Hanas & Renee Prillaman, Feedback, Feedforward, and Furthering
  • Sarah Miles, Connection + Belonging: Mitigating the Youth Mental Health Crisis
  • Quinton Walker, Building Around Belonging
  • Amy Harriton & Cliff Hutto, Reframe Your Culture & Take the Pain Out of Discipline
  • Ira Dawson & Sheree Du Preez, Moving Forward as School Leaders
  • Jared Horvath, Stress, Technology, and Learning – A Volatile Relationship

First-Time Administrators Roundtable:

  • Zakaria Sherbiny, Cultivating a Critical Leadership Tool

Small Group Discussions:

  • Table Topics
  • Group Coaching (Mike Hanas & Renee Prillaman)


Emory Conference Center Hotel – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 80


  • Raabia Shafi, The Power & Responsibility of Leaders
  • Scott Barron, Finding Serenity in School Leadership
  • Ken Rogers, Stable, Thoughtful, True: A Leader’s Clarity


  • Raabia Shafi, Developing Your Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Sean Slade
    • Why “MESSY” Leaders Are the Future
    • Well-Being: Teacher Care Is More Than Self-Care
  • Liza Garonzik, Discussing Discussion: Hard, Necessary, and Worth a Strategy
  • Nina Kumar
    • The Mental Heath Crisis in Independent Schools
    • Achievement Pressure & Mental Health in Independent Schools
  • Leah Nestor, Creating Common Language for DEI Discussion & Action
  • Scott Barron, Strategies to Grow Talent
  • Tiffany Russell, Do I Really Belong Here? Creative Ways to Assess Belonging
  • Ryan Welsh, Faculty Portraiture: Leading Shared Visions
  • Connie White, School Transformation From the Inside Out
  • Naima Williams, Navigating the Intersectionality of Belonging & Student Wellness
  • Felicia McCrary, Can We Get There From Here? Leading Change
  • Joseph Moody, Building an Effective Student-Centered Middle School Advisory
  • Justin Brandon & Kendra Varnell, Promoting Community & Wellness in the Time of COVID
  • Peggy Campbell-Rush, Improving Faculty Morale: Little Things Make a Big Difference
  • Laura Tierney, How to Avoid Five Common Mistakes When Implementing SEL
  • Joshua Nelson, Focusing on Culture Is Focusing on Teaching


Renaissance Asheville – Asheville, NC
Attendees: 102


  • Jennifer Bryan, Tools for Leading From the Middle: Empathy, Feedback, Boundaries 
  • Ryan Burke, Less Is More in 2021
  • Quinton Walker, Jeff Edmonds, Nicole Jules, Building a Highly Effective Leadership Team


  • Will Straughan and Lee Bergeron, Generating Prevention Conversations From Within
  • Allen Broyles, Understanding and Developing Anti-Racist Policies and Programs
  • Elizabeth Maglio, Identifying Goals for Personal Growth
  • Ross Peters, Schedule Design and Optimization
  • Ryan Burke, “Hey, Do You Have a Second” Conversations
  • Ross Peters, Elastic Proximity: A Lasting Tool for Equitable Planning and Reflection
  • Heather Broadwater, Human Resources Law for School Administrators
  • Tiffany Russell, A Change Is Gonna Come
  • Michelle Bostian, Motivating the Unmotivated
  • Suzanne Bogdan, What Should You Expect (Legally) for 2021-22?


Attendees: 119


  • Rob Evans and Michael Thompson, Dealing With Difficult Parents
  • Patricia Dailey Lewis, Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Nina Kumar & Suniya Luthar, Supporting Educators as They Support Children: “Why” and “How-to” From Resilience Research


  • Brad Rathgeber
    • Three Reasons to Replace Department Chairs With Instructional Coaches
    • Designing & Building Hybrid Courses
  • Debra Wilson
    • Legal Concerns in Student Mental Health
    • Risk Management in the New Normal
  • Pam Herath
    • Defining & Refining the Administrative Assistant Role
    • Deans as Culture Keepers
  • Laura Day and Blake Kohn, Repurposing Your Community Engagement & Social Impact Programs as a Result of COVID-19
  • Melodie Frick, Common Mental Health Disorders Seen in Our Schools
  • Sheri Burkeen
    • Organization Tips & Tricks
    • Screenagers: The Next Chapter Movie Discussion
  • Elizabeth Mangas and Thomas Rochon, Incorporating Assessment Data Into Teacher Professional Development Conversations
  • Clay Gibney, Spreadsheet Tips for the Busy Admin Assistant
  • Peggy Campbell-Rush, What Have I Gotten Myself Into? A Guide for New & Aspiring Administrators
  • Michael Thompson, Adolescence Is Hard Work
  • Kathy Corwin, Advice for Admin Assistants on Working With the Board
  • Tamara Hamilton, It’s a Trip! Motivational Interviewing: The GPS of a Student’s Brain
  • Rob Evans, Surviving & Thriving in Challenging Times
  • Meredith Lewis & Kate Schuster, How Blended Learning Can Help Foster Equitable Classrooms
  • Chris Joffe
    • The New Normal: Coming Back After the Curve
    • Deep Dive Into Reopening Your School
  • Kimberly Carraway, Strategies for Measuring and Improving Learning & Retention
  • Rachael Lee, Creating a Sustainable, Purpose Driven SEL Advisory/Guidance Program

Division Heads Conference


Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach Resort – Clearwater, FL
Attendees: 35
Photos + SC Photos

Speakers: Palmer Ball, Sandy Boyd, Jan Brabham, Sheri Burkeen, Hunter Chadwick, Clay Elliott, Sean Kelly, Farrar Richardson, Ken Rogers, Meera Shah, Laura Tierney, and Lanny Witt

  • Design Thinking Projects
  • Independent School Finance
  • Thick Skin – Soft Skills
  • Balancing Flexibility, Simplicity, & Social-Emotional Support in Scheduling
  • Keep the Change: Supporting Change & Shaping Culture
  • The Future of Social Media Education
  • Social Media & Mission
  • Culture Ninjas: Change in Leadership in Teaching & Learning
  • Lower School Curriculum Discussion
  • Implementing Restorative Discipline – Triumphs & Trials
  • Changing Wednesdays to Change School Culture
  • Adventure with a Purpose: Beyond the Beach Trip


Renaissance Asheville – Asheville, NC
Attendees: 67

Dean of Students Symposium


Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach Resort – Clearwater, FL
Attendees: 32
Photos + SC Photos


Renaissance Asheville – Asheville, NC
Attendees: 44

Speakers: Palmer Ball, Sandy Boyd, June Jenkins, Sean Kelly, Ritchie Pickens, Farrar Richardson, Ken Rogers, Laura Tierney, and Lanny Witt

  • Saying Hard Things
  • Independent School Finance
  • The Future of Social Media Education
  • Social Media & Mission
  • Best Practices in Bullying Prevention
  • Implementing Restorative Discipline – Triumphs & Trials
  • Changing Wednesdays to Change School Culture
  • Adventure with a Purpose: Beyond the Beach Trip


Emory Conference Center & Hotel – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 32

  • Maria Madden and Joseph Moody, Dean’s Toolbox
  • Sheri Burkeen, Facilitated Discussions: Bullying: Defining & Communicating; Safety & Crisis Management; and Diversity Issues
  • Chris Tate, Character Education, Everyone’s Doing It! and Facilitated Discussion: Behavior Plans
  • Tom Booker, Sue Ramsey, Joe Trojan, Michelle Zelaya, Building Self-Awareness in Our Students
  • Matt Telepman, Empathetic Discipline
  • Michael Thompson, Adolescence is Hard Work

Independent School Counselors Conference


Emory Conference Center & Hotel – Atlanta, GA
Attendees: 55