Small Group Discussion Questions

Activity – The Four Fs

Facts: An objective account of what happened

Feelings: The emotional reactions to the situation

Findings: The concrete learning that you can take away from the situation

Future: Structuring your learning such that you can use it in the future


At this stage, you look at the facts and examine the sequence of events and key moments. Remember to only share solid facts. 

  1. What was expected?
  2. What was surprising?
  3. What was most memorable/different/interesting?
  4. What were the turning points or critical moments?
  5. What most influenced your attitude or thoughts?
  6. What didn’t happen that you thought/hoped would happen?


Here is where you describe your feelings in the situation which then guides you towards fully understanding the context and better ground your learning in the experience. 

Discussing how you felt can help you understand the situation better.

  1. What are some of the feelings you experienced in the sessions today?
  2. At what point did you feel most or least involved?
  3. What were your personal highs and lows?


The third step is to start investigating and interpreting the situation to find meaning and make judgments.

  1. What did you learn? About yourself? About your students?
  2. Were there any missed opportunities or regrets?
  3. What was the most / least valuable for the students you work with?


In the final stage, you take your findings and consider how to implement them in the future.

  1. How can you use what you have learned when you return to school?
  2. What will you change?
  3. What are the benefits of making these changes? What might be the barriers?